Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Code 415: Best Songs of 2014

Happy New Year's, folk.  Today's episode, I'll be playing my top favorite songs of 2014, so hope everyone will enjoy it.  Peace out, girl scout.  -Mikey O)))-

#5: Swartwoud - "Only Deamons Play This HAARP"

#4: Girlflesh - "Gore Habit"

#3: Akem Manah - "The Twisted Rites of Satan's Bride"

#2: Lights and the Window - "New Day Sun"

#1: Muscle and Marrow - "Surround the Fire"

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Code 415 Podcast: 12/27/14


1. Psycho Killer - Mech Cannibal

2. Gorerotted - Only Tools and Corpses

3. Nachtmystium - Every Last Drop

Code 415 Podcast: 12/27/14 by Code415media on Mixcloud

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top 5 Albums of 2014

It was hard to compile this list for "Best Album".  So many great albums from some well-known acts.  Of course a lot of people are talking about Mastodon, Pallbearer, etc.  On this list, I wanted to bring attention to bands that not many people will be familiar with.  So hopefully after reading this, you'll at least check out one song from these bands.

5. Girlflesh - Nudes

Girlflesh was definitely a darkhorse this year.  Girlflesh caught my attention when filmaker/podcaster/wrestling personality, Rob Dimension, gave Girlflesh a like on Facebook.  Nudes was the first electronic album I heard in a long time.  Nudes is one of my favorite finds of 2014.

4. Kyng - Burn The Serum

Even though they're on a well known label, have songs played on the radio, touring with well-know acts, I still feel that there are a lot of people who need to hear Kyng.  Trampled Sun was great album.  But Burn The Serum really topped it.  They sound way better.  They play way better.  And of course their album art is even way better.  Really proud of these guys.  They sure had one hell of a year.

3. Muscle and Marrow - The Human Cry

This was also a great new find for 2014.  BillyGoat from Doomed & Stoned brought these guys my attention.  This Portland based duo bring a unique sound to the Doom sub-genre.  The Human Cry is a very dark and haunting piece.  Great to see more awesome bands coming out of Oregon.

2. Hellbeard - Dark/Light EP 

This was my biggest anticipated release of 2014.  This was Post-Metal at it's best.  Who knew that a 3 song E.P. would be a very crushing release.  The guys from Hellbeard have been working really hard to put out this release, and it really shows once you hit that play button.  And just because it's #2, it doesn't make it any less.  I really loved this E.P. and can't wait for it to come on vinyl.

1. Akem Manah - Demons of the Sabbat

This was another album I've been looking forward to.  And I'm really glad that Dead Nedry put this out as a full-length, instead of two e.p.'s.   "Reign of Terror" is one of the catchiest song that Akem Manah has written.  But "The Twisted Rites of Satan's Bride" is the best track from this album.  And of course Adam Richardson's vocal spot on "Nightfall" was also great.  Akem Manah topped themselves again with Demons of the Sabbat, and becomes my favorite album of 2014.

Top 5 Films of 2014

Well it's that time of year.  2014 has been a good year for horror.  A lot of films I've heard from Sundance, I've finally got to see.  I present to you, my "Top 5 Films of 2014.
*NOTE* Some of these movies were in the festival circuit, so I didn't get to see them til they came on DVD this year.

5. Godzilla

Even though there wasn't much monster fighting, the destruction that Godzilla and the Mutos created was worth it. Of course this was directed Gareth Edwards, who did Monsters (a monster movie with not much action).  But I did enjoy the story.  Cranston was great.  And I geeked out when Godzilla blew his first flame.  I was expecting more, but I'm happy with what I got.

4. Snowpiercer

Captain America's Chris Evans and John Hurt live in the ghetto side of a train, and are no longer gonna take it.  Joon-ho Bong's post-apocalypse flick was a fun watch.  I don't know what the Weinstein Company took out, but I thought this was a good flick.  If the movie was suppose to be even longer, then I really would like to see what was cut out.

3. Big Bad Wolves

The suspense almost killed me.  And even though the ending was pretty sad, I really enjoyed the story and the dialog.  The opening scene was well done.  The acting was great.  And I really had some great laughs.  People should really check this movie out.

2. Tusk

It's a huge bummer that not many people went out to see this flick in the theaters.  But I hope people will check this out when it comes to DVD.  There was some funny moments, but I was mostly waiting for the Walrus suit.  And it was fun to see everything that Kevin Smith talked about on SModcast, come to life.

1. The Sacrament

Many people have said that Ti West can be "hit or miss".  The Sacrament did not disappoint.  Maybe the reason I enjoyed this movie was because the whole Jonestown thing.  I've read so many stories about that, and always use it to point out what's wrong with religion/cults.  I already knew how it was going to end.  I just wanted to see how Ti West will pull it off.  Definitely my favorite movie of 2014.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Most anticipating for 2015

So many albums and movies are coming out on 2015, that I can't wait.  Bands reuniting to make their comeback album.  Sequels that we've been waiting for a while.  And of course new films that have been getting a buzz.  So here's to 2015, and hope that it will bring the best.



Rabbit Hole

Originally, writer/director/actor, Rob Dimension was planning on doing a movie called "Quackers", but decided to put that on hold.  Instead, he decided to write a movie that dealt with religion and the darkside of it.  Dimension was able to get director Mike O'Mahony to be a part of this.  Pretty sure this will be a fucked up flick.

The Sadist

Written and directed by Adam Ahlrandt,  The Sadist brings you into the dark World of a sex slave and his mistress.  From the small clip that I saw (which featured Rob Dimension), The Sadist looks like it's going to be really fucked up (both mentally and physically).  And Steve Austin from Today Is The Day will be handling the score.

Halibut Point

Ron DeCaro is back.  And this time he's putting his hat in the "found footage" genre.  If you've seen Decaro's Bridgeside Trilogy, then you know you're up for something brutal.  In his Indigogo campaign, Ron says that the story is about a family who goes camping in Halibut Point, when all of a sudden, one of the daughters goes missing.  I'm really hoping that DeCaro will be able to finish this film by the end of the year.

[REC] 4: Apocalypis 

The final installment from this Spanish franchise.  In this one, news reporter, Angela, is out of the apartment building, where she was quarantine (no pun to the remake).  And she carries with her the demon that's been turning everyone into zombie type monsters, into the outside World.  Right now it's playing over in Europe.  But in January, it should be making it's US debut. 

Star Wars Episdoe VII: The Force Awakens

The teaser trailer really got me excited for this.  And from what Kevin Smith has said when he was invited to the set of Episode VII, I really hope that J.J. Abrams does give us a kick arse, modern take on Star Wars.  With Hamill, Ford, and Fisher back, I'm sure that both the older fands and newer ones will enjoy the new chapter of the Star Wars saga.



Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat

From the look of cover, I'm really hoping that this will be Napalm's most brutal Century Media release.  I really enjoyed The Code Is Red and Smear Campaign.  The last two were decent, but I really like it when ND are raw and intense,

Lights and the Window - Untitled EP

So far, the only recording Lights and the Windows has put out is "New Day Sun", back in January.  Since then, they've been working hard in making songs that will make the cut for their debut EP.  If they sound amazing live, then I can't wait to hear them do a studio release.

Kantation - Untitled 2nd Album

"Discovery" was one hell of a debut from Kantation.  I even gave it "Five Hitlers Punched in the Face" review.  In 2015, these High Desert blokes are gonna release their sophomore album, and I'm totally stoked.  If you listen to Martin's radio show at, then you might have heard a rough mix track called "Walk Through Desire".  Of course you can pre-order the album at

Faith No More - Untitled Album

I cannot wait for this.  Faith No More made a huge impact on my life.  Really glad that they've got back together.  And now they hit the studio to record a new album, which will come out next year.  This album is for sure going to be in rotation.

Jarboe + Helen Money Collaboration 

This is a collaboration that I'm eagerly waiting to hear.  Not too long ago, these two amazing artist got together for a tour in the west coast.  And pretty soon, Jarboe will get together with cellist, Alison Chesley, to record a EP, due in 2015.  Both Jaboe and Helen Money have a very unique sound, which will make this EP a great listen.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Code 415 Podcast: 11/26/14

Recorded this week's episode early, so I can enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with family.  So hopefully you guys will enjoy tonight's playlist.

E.N.V.Y -  "I Want You"

Dalek - "Distorted Prose"

One-Eyed Doll - "The Wheels on the Bus"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Murder-Set-Pieces (2004)

In 2004, Nick Palumbo released one of the most controversial slasher films of the new Millennium.  Some horror fans praised the film, for it's balls and it's special effects (done by the ToeTag crew, of August Underground fame).  And then you got the horror fans who dislike it.  They say that the acting is terrible, the script is poor, and that M-S-P is very misogynist.  We can say whatever about Murder-Set-Pieces, but I do have to say that Nick Palumbo created a film that got many reactions in the horror underground.

Shot on 35 mm film, Murder-Set-Pieces is said to be the most expensive NC-17 film ever made.  It also features some horror icons like Gunner Hansen (Leatherface) and Tony Todd (Candyman).  Cabin Fever's Cerina Vincent also make an appearance.  Nick Palumbo has mentioned that when Cerina signed on, she had no idea what the film was about.  But when she saw (or heard about) the film, Cerina called the director and asked him to cut her scene out of the film.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of Murder-Set-Pieces, and thought it would be a good time to look back at this film.

The film takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada.  A city filled with bright lights, casinos, and of course prostitution.  It is also the city where the films killer, who goes by "The Photographer", spreads his terror, when not taking pictures of naked women.  Las Vegas is also the home to a little girl name Jade (Jade Risser), who's sister, Charlotte, is dating The Photographer (Sven Garrett).  And just like little sisters, Jade isn't very fond of Charlotte's boyfriend.  The Photographer is very tense and monotonous, which give Jade a bad vibe.  And it also doesn't help that Charlotte's boyfriend has a picture of his grandfather with Adolf Hitler, in his bedroom.  But when Charlotte is working in her hair salon, The Photographer goes around brutally killing random women, because he had some mommy issues when he was a wee lil lad (don't they all).  Other than the misogyny of the character, there's a scene where a little boy (who was probably 2 yrs old) cries to his dead and bloody mother.  Palumbo got a call from Maniac's director, William Lustig, and was called an "asshole", by Lustig, for making that scene.  And then of course the on-screen murder of a little girl at a public restroom, which also caused an uproar.  Especially since that would be every parents worst nightmare.  But a lot of people have said many nice things about Risser's role.  There are some who say that she was brave for taking part of a NC-17 horror.  And then there might be some who are wondering what the Rissers were thinking of, by letting their daughter be in this film.

I consider M-S-P as a "angry virgin film", since this film attracts those sad, lonely, fucks, who have trouble getting laid.  I knew a friend like that.  He always got a kick when those "hot bitches" get butchered.  The only thing I give credit to this film is ToeTag's special effects, which looked very realistic.  Especially the bathtub scene.  And to see it shot on 35 mm, really made the effects look great.  Nick was also able to get some really great visuals.  The crane shot after the "headless BJ" scene was also a nice touch.  Don't know why Palumbo put footage of the 9/11 attack.  And I really like to know what the Photographer and that German lady were saying.  But other than that, the script and acting wasn't that great.  Of course this is a slasher, so I can let it slide.  Pretty much Murder-Set-Pieces is about a neo-nazi misogynist, who works as a photographer, and then goes out and rapes and kills women.  I'm not sure if the unrated version is still available, but I know that Nick Palumbo sold the film to Lions Gate, who pretty much butchered the film.  So sadly, you won't be able to catch any of ToeTag's gory effects.   This is a flick that I would recommend to friends who are huge gorehounds.  But I don't think your average moviegoer would enjoy the taboos that this film has.  It's a brutal film, but nothing much going on.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Code 415 Podcast - 11/15/14

On this episode, I introduce a new format to the show.  And I'll also be playing music by The Deal, Ghost Marrow, and Bonedust.  Hope everyone will enjoy.

The Deal - "Cry Wolf"

Ghost Marrow - "(untitled)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Swartwoud - Hexental (2014)

When you put on "Hexental", you might think it's just another one-man band, creating black noise in his bedroom.  But once you go deeper into the tracks,  it's definitely a journey into misanthropy.  The best way I can describe  Swartwoud's latest effort is misery, agony, nihilistic, and very anti-sound.  An appreciation to the lo-fi production is needed, as "Hexental" isn't meant to be a glamorous record.

"Morvandus" has a great doom riff going on, that I think people who love a heavy minimalism sound will dig it.  The same can go with "Consoling a Crying Water Giant", with it's doomsday chugs.  "The Calm" is probably my favorite and the evilest track on "Hexental".  It's a track that does lo-fi black metal, proud.  I love how"Only Deamons Play this HAARP" starts off almost a bit Neurois-ish, before going into full black metal assault.  And speaking of Neurosis, Swartwoud goes in tribal mode with "Exploding Heads".  "Crush the Cockroach" is also a well written track.  Pretty much Lord Orgun's best vocal performance.

Seeing that this is the sixth release by Swartwoud, I guess I have a lot to catch up on.  I did listen to Sex Daimones (Six Demo[n]s) and a couple of tracks from Lokval on Reverbnation.  Really looking forward to listening to the other releases.  I give Lord Orgun lots of credit for doing something different, vocal-wise.  To me, that what gives Swartwoud their own sound.  I highly recommend checking out "Hexental" if you want to get your lo-fi fix.  I rate this "5 Hitlers punched inthe face".

You can download "Hexental" for free at

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Code 415 on Facebook.

After a good two years, I've finally created a Facebook page for Code 415.  It's about time I get to know the few people who has followed Code 415.  And I want to thank anyone who has shared links to reviews on Code 415.  The whole point of Code 415 is to introduce music and movies to regular folks.  The ones who really don't seek underground music or independent movies.  So once again, thanks for the support and hope to see some of you on the new facebook page.

-Mikey Ortega-

Click on and give it a "like".  Also please save it on your favorites to keep in touch with the latest reviews and podcast.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Painkiller (2014)

Body Horror is a interesting sub-genre for me.  Just seeing someone going through horrifying changes in their body can be frightening.  Especially since they have no control over it.  Painkiller, a short directed by Jeremiah Kipp and written by Jerry Janda,  takes that sub-genre into a interesting place.
 Painkiller is a short film, about two scientist  (both who are couples) who try to create a organism,to help people with a terminal disease.  What this organism does is make the pain less enduring by feeding off  from the pain.  The girlfriend volunteers to have the organism implanted in her.  Of course the special effects in this scene is very well done.  After that, they finally test out this new type of painkiller, which was very harsh to see.  Sadly, the girlfriend would later be addicted to pain.  She would do anything for someone to hurt her, even attack people so they can retaliate on her.  Tired of hurting his girlfriend, the boyfriend tries to look for some professionals to bring the pain for the girlfiend.
The opening scene with Thomas Mendolia and Jerry Janda was great.  There was a nice flow when both were doing their dialogues.  And Kelly Rae LeGault did a nice job of portraying someone who's going through a terrible change in her body.  Kipp did a great job in bringing Janda's script to life.  And with Jeffrey S. Gould as DP also made Painkiller look really nice.
I do have to say that some people may not fancy the ending to much.  As shocking as it is, it did make me want to know more about Jerry Janda's character.  I can enjoy doing a open interpretation of the ending, but I don't think that it will do it justice.  Only because only Jerry Janda knows what's in the head of the man in the suit.  But overall, it's pretty good fora short film.  The special features includes the trailer and their crowd funding video, which gives a little about what Painkiller is about.  If you want to purchase the DVD or rent it for $1, then please check out

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today Is The Day - "Animal Mother" (2014)

Today Is The Day's last album, "Pain Is A Warning", was a really good rock record.  Almost had a AC/DC feel to it.  Pretty much had me thinking if they're going with this direction on the new album, or do something different.  With "Animal Mother, there's a bit of "Pain", but also has some early stuff in the mix.
The opening title track is a perfect example.  Just like in "Expectations Exceed Reality", Steve Austin whispers before going full force.  Definitely a worthy TITD opening track.  "Outlaw (acoustic)" also has that "Pain Is A Warning" sound.  There single, "Masada", is a great track to give a idea what to expect from "Animal Mother.  But I am a huge fan of "Godcrutch" and "Heathen".  And the closing track, "Boodwood", almost sounds like a Radiohead song.  That's a song that took me off guard.  I did not expect a song like that on a TITD album.  Huge kudos for that.
Even though "Animal Mother" isn't "Willpower" or "In The Eyes of God", but it's still a heavy record.  One thing for sure is that I enjoyed this than the last two release.  It's awesome to see that Southern Lord put this album out.  Now I can't wait to see what Steve Austin and Co. will do in the next album.  Austin still sounds badarse and he really got a good rhythm section to back him up.  "Animal Mother" gets a good "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

To purchase "Animal Mother", visit these links

Saturday, October 18, 2014

In Her Skin (2009)

Most thrillers that are based on a true story, I tend to stay away.  Just the thought that what I'm watching actually happened, pretty much disturbs me.  I pretty much have to be in a right mood to watch a movie like In Her Skin 

The story takes place in Melbourne, Australia, in 1999.  Michael Barber (Guy Pearce) is waiting in the train station for his daughter, Rachel (Kate Bell), who is taking dancing lessons out of town.  Michael noticed that his daughter hasn't arrived, so he calls his wife, Elizabeth (Miranda Otto).  Wondering where Rachel is, Elizabeth starts calling Rachel's boyfriend and friends.  When they notice that Rachel still hasn't showed up, the Barbers really start to worry.  They try to report it to the police, but they believe that Rachel just ran away.  Later, Rachel's boyfriend calls back and tell  Elizabeth that Rachel was taking a job, but didn't know where.  All that he knows is that job was offered from an old friend of Rachel's.  Sadly, the Barbers don't know who.
Now we are in the second part and are introduced to Caroline (Ruth Bradley).  We see her in the Barber's house, babysitting their kids.  She's typing a letter to her dad (Sam Neill), who walked out on the family a while ago.  Caroline is dealing with a mental issue, which caused a lot of problems with her parents.  She cusses at her mom.  There's a scene where she bumps her brother while going down stairs.  And then rips the letters to her dad and lit them on fire in the trash bin.  We then see a scene where Caroline is all grown up.  She has a office job and her own little pad.  While at lunch, she's having lunch with her co-workers and sees Rachel and her boyfriend making out.  It seems that Caroline is jealous of Rachel.  Rachel is pretty and skinny, while Caroline tells herself she's fat and ugly.  While back at her apartment (after having some mental breakdown), Caroline comes up with a plan to bring Rachel to her place and end her "so-called" perfect life.
And now we're at the final act.  In this one, we get to know Rachel a little bit.  Rachel is a dancer with a good looking boyfriend and a couple of friends.  Pretty much Rachel is someone that is liked by many.  While walking around town, she tells her boyfriend about a job, but she can't tell much about it.  Only that it's for some research for a friend.  Rachel and Caroline finally meet up and go to the apartment.  Caroline offers Rachel a drink and asked her to relax and close her eyes for the research.  And then the horrible thing happens, which was terrible to see.  Especially seeing Rachel's parents turning the town upside down to find her.  Only to know that Rachel was murdered.  
We see Michael and Elizabeth Barber again, this time they meet a detective who is willing to help find Rachel.  The detective was able to find Rachel after getting access to her cell phone records.  Which of course will lead him to Caroline's place.  Sadly the detective had to be the bearer of bad news to the Barber family.
"In Her Skin" is a movie that can be any parents worst nightmare.  Especially seeing that the crime was done by someone they've trusted.  I find Ruth Bradley's portrayal of Caroline to be very disturbing.  It was great seeing Sam Neill, since I haven't seen him in movies that much.  The only problem I have with the movie is the very end of the film.  The song that was playing during Rachel's funeral seemed too upbeat.  And the scene in the prison yard, with Caroline being happy, just didn't felt right.  But it really is a good flick.  If you're familiar with the case or are into true crimes, then check it out.  It's a well made flick.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hellbeard - "DARK/LIGHT E.P." (2014)

Hellbeard are back.  And what a fuck'n e.p. they put out.  Ever since I heard "Black Snail" on youtube, I've been waiting on some new Hellbeard.  Their first album, "Scarecrow" was a solid album.  And with Dark/Light, they take their sound to a whole other level.

Dark/Light features 3 track, which are the best and heaviest songs that Hellbeard have played.  Once the first track, "Maiden of Mercy", starts to play, you knew that this is going to be a totally different Hellbeard.  The one thing that I like about this song is during the middle, they play a really nice doom riff, which then goes to something more ambient.  "Light" is probably my favorite.  When I hear this song, there's a "Time & Grace" feel to it.  And of course I loved those tribal-esque drum beats during the end of the track.  And then we have "River's End" to finish up.  Has a nice 90's hardcore metal riff and then a sweet guitar solo.

The production was well done.  The vocals have gotten very intense from the last album.  Great guitar work and of course the rhythm section sound great.  I would have loved to hear a studio version of "Black Snail",  But after hearing the new e.p., I really don't know how it will fit.  For sure this is a whole new Hellbeard.  And this new Hellbeard makes me want to punch Hitler even harder.  A awesome e.p. if you enjoy post-metal, sludge, and doom.

To purchase Dark/Light, go to

Girlflesh - "Nudes" (2014)

When I heard the name Girlflesh, the first thing that comes to mind is a female version of Godflesh.  Sort of how Gallhammer are seen as a a female version of Hellhammer.  Even though Girlflesh have a electronic sound, Girlflesh is nothing like Godflesh.  

Roxxie Wallace is the mastermind behind Girlflesh.  And I have to say that this Aussie sure knows how to create some killer beats.  Everything that I love about experimental/electronics are on her album, "Nudes".  From trip hop to dark ambient, "Nudes" is quite the musical experience.

Another thing I like about "Nudes" are the song titles.  "Bass-Moi" sounds like a play-on-word of the French film "Baise-Moi".  And Lilya 4-Ever comes to mind when I saw the song,"Ennui 4EVA".  But "Gore Habit" is the most creative song title I've ever heard.  And probably my favorite.

It's nice to see another musical artist from Australia, since I really don't hear many bands from Australia.  Or at least introduced to any Australian bands.  Only a few.  I know back when Roadrunner had that SignMeTo page, there were some cool Australian bands there.  But lost contact from them when the site was shutdown.  Anyhoo, if you enjoy some electronics, then "Nudes" by Girlflesh might be the album for you.  These sick beats gets "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tusk (2014)

Kevin Smith, who most people have known him as the "Clerks Guy" or "Silent Bob", has finally made his second horror film, Tusk.  If you ever hear his podcast that he does with his friend/producer, Scott Mosier, then you've probably heard the story he told about a ad he read on a website called Gumtree.  In the ad, someone was looking for a lodger to live with him.  The rent is free, but the lodger has to dress up as a walrus for two hours a day.  And on that episode of Smodcast, Kevin and Scott started pitching the idea of a walrus movie.  Even though Kevin had already finish the script for Clerks III, he was willing to hold it so he can do a walrus movie.  He asked his fans to go on Twitter and hashtag walrus yes, if his fans wanted him to make the movie, or hashtag walrus no, if they don't.  The people have spoken and said "#WalrusYes".  Therefore, Kevin Smith made his walrus movie called Tusk.  And it was pretty fucked up.

The movie is about a bloke name Wallace Bryton (Justin Long), who does a podcast with his friend, Teddy Craft (Haley Joel Osment), called "The Not-See Party".  In this podcast, Wallace goes around to interview people who are strange and/or interesting, then comes back and tell Teddy all about it.  In one of the episodes, they find a video on youtube, where a dude cuts his leg off with a sword.  The guys, who is referred to as "The Kill Bill Kid" reaches out to Wallace to do a interview.  So Wallace plans a trip to Canada and visit the Kill Bill Kid.  Wallace's girlfriend, Ally (Genesis Rodriguez), is against it because she doesn't want him to ridicule the poor guy.
So Wallace arrives to Winnipeg and goes to the house where the Kill Bill Kid lives.  Sadly, Wallace finds out that the kid died.  He goes to a bar and calls Teddy to tell him all about it.  And since Wallace needs something for the show, he plans to stay for a while and hopes to find someone who's a bit out there.  When he goes to drain the lizard, he sees a ad in the bathroom wall, about a guy named Howard Howe (Michael Parks) looking for a lodger, pretty much similar to the Gumtree ad.  So Wallace goes out to find Howard Howe, and do an interview with him for the podcast.  When Wallace goes to Howe's place, he finds him in a wheelchair, all alone and very harmless.  Like your typical old man.  Howard goes on to tell Wallace the story about how he was saved by a walrus  As Howard continues to tell the story, Wallace passes out and we find out that his tea was drugged.  When he wakes up, he finds himself in a wheelchair.  Howe tells him that he was bitten by a spider.  But Wallace knew he was bullshitting him.  In the dinner scene, Howard tells Wallace his plan to turn him into a walrus.  While trying to get some sleep, Wallace hears his phone.  He tries to look for it, and when he does, he sees it's Ally trying to call him.  He tries to call her back, but ends up leaving a voice mail.  Sadly, Mr. Howe catches him and knocks him out.
Back home, Ally and Teddy haven't heard from Wallace for a long time.  One morning, Ally went to check her voicemail and heard Wallace's message.  She tells Teddy about it and they go to Canada to look for Wallace.  They visit Detective Frank Garmin (Ralph Garman), and have him listen to the voicemail.  The detective wasn't sure what to make of it, but he referred Ally and Teddy to a investigator name Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp).  LaPointe tells Ally and Teddy about a case two years prior and that the person who captured Wallace, may be the person that LePointe is after.
As Guy, Teddy, and Ally go and search for Wallace, we see the transformation and it looks really fucked up. Maybe silly and goofy, too, but it still looks fucked up.  And seeing Howe training Wallace to be a walrus is pretty disturbing.  And just seeing Wallace in that suit is very depressing.  Because now we know there's no coming back.  And when I saw the fight seen, it looks pretty funny, but felt so wrong.  And hearing Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" playing in the background, made it a bit darker.  Of course Ally and Teddy find Wallace, and I don't need to go any further.

If you're a fan of Smodcast, then you'll enjoy the references, which you've probably heard in the podcast.  They mention the brown recluse spider.  Red, White, but never Blue.  The Gimli Slider.  And if you listen to Hollywood Babble-On, Wallace has the "Hollywood Helpers" theme song as a ringtone.  
I also enjoyed Michael Parks performance in Tusk.  And to me, Howard Howe seems more mental than Abin Cooper from Red State.  There's a scene with Parks and Depp which I found to be hilarious.  And also made me a fan of the Guy LaPointe character.
So if you found the trailer to be interesting, then go check it out.  Of course don't take it too seriously.  It's about a man turning another man into a walrus.  It's suppose to be silly.  Really glad Kevin Smith made this, because I don't know if anyone else will.  And if you enjoyed this, then also check out "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and "Sssssss".  Both are crazy films.


p.s.  If you enjoyed Guy Lapointe, there's a little extra after the credits.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Sacrament (2013)

Ti West is a director that you're either gonna love or hate.  Some people complain about how he takes to long and that it starts to get boring.  Others enjoy the slow burn style because once the horror starts, it does leave an impact.  In "House of the Devil", when they showed the Grandma, it really scared the shit out of me because I didn't expect something so hideous.  Especially since the movie was very slow.  "The Innkeepers" was bit of a challenge.  But I did enjoyed Sara Paxton's character.  So fuck'n adorable.  Now with "The Sacrament", Ti West was able to keep me interested in the story til the big horrifying ending.  By now, everyone should know that this movie was inspired by the Jonestown Massacre.  And pretty much Ti West does do a re-telling of that event, but made it look like a VICE travel guide/investigative report.

The movie is about a fashion photographer from VICE named Patrick who receives a letter about his sister, Caroline.  Caroline is a recovering drug addict who went to live in a little community in Mississippi.  The letter tells Patrick that the community that Caroline was living at moved out of the country.  Patrick showed the letter to his co-worker, Sam, who is a reporter for VICE, and Sam decides to go look for Patrick's sister and do a investigative report.  They bring Jake, their cameraman, and off they go to find Caroline.
When the VICE team arrive, they are confronted by two men with rifles.  Patrick tells them that they were invited by his sister and the men then gives them a ride to the compound.  Finally they arrive at the compound called Eden Parish.  Caroline welcomes the VICE team when she sees that the guards wouldn't let Patrick in.  Once they go in there, they see a community of people just living their lives.  Caroline explains how a man they call "Father" pretty much started this community.  Sam ask Caroline if he can get a interview with "Father" and she tells him that she'll try.  Patrick goes off with his sister and Sam and Jake are left behind and start going around interviewing some of the people who live there and asking them how they got here.  They interview a lot of people who seemed very happy and give lots of praises to "Father".  Sam and Jake feel a bit off about Eden Parish.  But since the people there seemed happy, they had no problems with it.  But then they meet a little girl named Savannah and her mother who seem to be scared and not happy like the others living in Eden Parish.
Sam finally gets the interview with "Father", but it is conducted in front of the congregation.  Sam asked "Father" a few questions, but "Father" seemed to dodge the questions and begins asking about Sam's wife and his unborn child.  Sam was disappointed  that he couldn't ask "Father" all of his questions.  And of course was creeped out when "Father" mentioned Sam's wife.  Savannah then shows up and gives Sam a little note.  He opens the note and starts to get worried.  He shows Jake the note and it reads "Please Help Us".  Later they go back to their cabin and someone bangs at their door and takes off.  Sam and Jake go outside and find Savannah and her mother, with other members of the congregation, begging Sam and Jake to get them out of Eden Perish.  This really starts to concern Sam and Jake as it seems that Eden Parish isn't the happy place that "Father" claims it to be.
Finally, the next morning, Sam and Jake see that there are a bunch of people outside yelling.  They go out and see that some of the members are trying to leave and some of the guards and Caroline are trying to keep everything under control.  They find Patrick, who explains to them that some of the members want to go with the VICE team, but that there wasn't any room for all of them in the helicopter.  And if you're familiar with the incident in Jonestown, then you might know what happens next.  But still check it out.

So far, this is Ti West's best film.  And with Eli Roth producing the film, they really did their best to make the movie very interesting.  There are images that shocked and made me sad.  I was very informed about the Jonestown Massacre, so I know what to expect.  But I have to give a lot of credit to Gene Jones for portraying the cult leader, "Father".  If you're expecting gore, then you'll be disappointed.  But the movie can be very disturbing.  So if you want to check out a film about a cult, then I recommend "The Sacrament" by Ti West.

Akem Manah - "Demons of the Sabbat" (2014)

Even though Doom Metal is becoming very popular in the underground scene, the number of Doom Metal bands that are coming out is very steady. which is why I'm still a fan of the sub-genre.  Unlike most musical genres that become very poplular, a shit load of bands come out of the woodwork, trying to catch in on the trend.  It also helps that a lot of Doom Metal bands mix some Death, Black, and other experimental music.  Which can sometimes keep things interesting.

When I read online that Akem Manah is coming out with a new alubm, I know that I'm gonna hear a awesome Doom record.  On the last one, "Night of the Black Moon", main man, Dead Nedry added some layers to the Akem Manah sound.  On album #3, to me, the Akem Manah sound has been defined.  As soon as I hear the first chord, I know it's Akem Manah.  Also Nedry was able to get Chris Lollis (ex-Nile/Lecherous Nocturne) on bass and Ivan de Prume (ex-White Zombie) on the skins.  As much as I hear Lollis bass, I do have to say that de Prume did a great job on the drums.  Head guitarist, Scott von Heildt, makes a appearance on two tracks and keeps things interesting.  Also Ramesses' Adam Richardson does vocals on "Demon Rise", which was also fantastic.

I love the piano intro on "Dark Ritual".  "Reign of Terror" is probably the best song that Akem Manah has recorded.  Scott von Heildt's lead also makes that track awesome.  I wouldn't be surprise if the title "Possession Of Nun" was inspired Haxan.  And "The Twisted Rites of Satan's Bride" is also one of my favorite tracks.

If you're a fan of "The Devil is in All of You" and "Night of the Black Moon", Then you're really going to enjoy "Demons of the Sabbat".  It's a huge step forward but still the Akem Manah that we know and love.  Very heavy.  Very dark.  Very Akem Manah.  This album gets "Five Hitlers Punched in the Face".

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Red Fang - "Whales and Leeches" (2013)

My my, Oregon.  The bands that you've been exporting lately.  You brought us Poison Idea, The Decemberist, Black Elk, Trees, Akem Manah, Agalloch.  And now Red Fang.  It looks like the entire West Coast has a music scene.

By now you're already familiar with them because their third album, "Whales and Leeches", made a huge buzz last year.  Of course you've seen their video for "Blood Like Cream" (with Portlandia's Fred Armisen.  And also saw them perform on David Letterman (in which band leader Paul Shaffer joined in on keyboards).

If you're familiar with Red Fang, then you'll hear how much they have grown with album number 3.  Aside from their production, Red Fang sound tighter than ever.  The musicianship is more perfect then the last album.  And a lot of the songs have become more catchier.  Of course Aaron and  Bryan still got the clean vocals and growls still going.  And John still kicks ass on the drums.

For those who aren't familiar with them, Red Fang is a band that has a real sound.  They don't sound like some watered-down radio-friendly band.  They're very high energy, not aggressive or "hardcore", so don't worry about soiling your slim jeans.

The opening track "Doen" has a awesome Mastodon vibe, but with a more stoner metal sound.  "Blood Like Cream has the most catchiest chorus.  "Voices of the Dead" is a song that I love turning the volume up when driving.  And "Dawn Rising" is a really sick Sludge track.

If you enjoy Mastodon or Queens of the Stone Age, then you'll really enjoy Red Fang.  They do a awesome of blending hard rock with a bit of Sludge.  They may not be a moshing band, but you can sure as hell bang your head to them.  And for you high school kids, while playing "Whales and leeches" in you're room, expect your parents to be banging on your door and telling you to put it louder.  That's why I give this album "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Band Called Death (2012)

When I was a wee little lad, I was told that The Ramones and The Sex Pistols were the originators of punk.  Also when I was a wee little lad, Death was a death metal band from Florida, started by Chuck Shuldiner.  Well it turns out that three brothers from Detroit played some very fast rock n' roll before The Ramones and The Sex Pistols.  And there was already a band called Death before Chuck changed Mantis to Death.  This documentary caught my attention when Sean Boyle of Hellbeard mentioned it on his Facebook status.  And I was surprise when I saw that Scott Mosier (Kevin Smith's friend/producer) helped to get this doc released.

In the documentary, we meet the Hackney brothers (Bobby, David, Dannis).  Sons of a preacher, they grew up in the Motor City known as Detroit, where Motown was a huge thing.  In 73', they formed a band called Death after trying to start a funk/rock n' roll band.  The sound was very fast and loud, that people today would consider it "proto-punk".  They recorded a demo and shopped it around to record labels, but no one was interested.  most of the labels thought the sound was too aggressive.  And the band's name didn't help either, even though in the doc, they explain the meaning of the name, which was meant to be seen as a positive light.  But soon enough, they were signed to Groovesville, but sadly, they had trouble in trying to market Death.  Because of this, Death will disband.  Bobby and Dannis would start a reggae.  David would write songs by himself.  Years later, David would pass away.  This would be a shame because later on, a record collector purchased a 45 and was amazed by Death's sound.  He would write about them on his blog and upload two songs from Death.  Later, other music fans would listen to them and also give high praises.  But when Bobby's son, Bobby Jr., heard the two songs, that would make a huge impact on Bobby and Dannis.  They finally got the recognition they deserved.  Because of all the interest, the remaining Hackney brothers would reform Death.  Later, they would release their first album and start touring.

This was a really touching documentary about not just music, but family.  The Hackney brothers were really close.  David had a message and luckily his brothers were able to spread it to concert goers, nationwide.  A Band Called Death is a great documentary in general.  Even if you're not a fan of punk, the Hackney's story is still interesting.  Bobby and Dannis seemed very humble and don't make a big deal about they were the "first" to do this or that.  But it's nice to see that a band like them have finally got recognized.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

This movie caught my interest when I heard that it takes place during a making of a Italian giallo.  Being a fan of Dario Argento, I had to seek this out.  I do have to say that this is a strange film.  Some may not like it, others will find it interesting.  There were times where I get lost in the story, but just seeing things get crazier for the main character, just makes me want to see what happens next.

We are introduce to Gilderoy, a middle-age bloke who took a job in a Italian horror flick, working as a sound engineer.  When Gilderoy see's what film he's working on, he begins to feel uncomfortable.  Also some of the actress doing the dubs are also not big fans of the film, either.  Producer Francesco Coraggio doesn't makes things easy for his staff.  When Gilderoy tries to get his flight ticket reimbursed, Francesco always gives him excuses.  Or when a actress has a scene where she screams, he makes them do it over and over again.  By the end of the second act, things do start to get weird for Gilderoy.  First, someone tries to break into his room.  Then later someone tries to attack him in his sleep.  By the end of the film, you start to wonder what was this movie all about.

Me being a fan of Italian horror, behind the scene stuff, and sound recording, I found this movie to be interesting.  Of course I wasn't really that big on the third act.  I felt like there could have been more.  The atmosphere was great.  It gave really creepy vibe.  Very similar films by Bava and Argento. The average movie goer may not fancy this film a lot.  But if you're interested in seeing how dubbing and sound effects were done back in the days, then you might find it fascinating.  It may not be the greatest horror/psycho-thriller, but it was a decent flick.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Escape From Tomorrow (2013)

Escape From Tomorrow made a lot of noise last year when it was said that the movie was filmed at Disney World, without the permission of the Disney Company.  Have to say that the film-makers had a lot of balls.  Luckily, Disney didn't sent out their lawyers to cease-and-desist the film.  Thinking that doing such a thing will bring attention to the film.

Of course the movie was shot guerrilla style.  Most of the actors had to remember their lines, since they couldn't re-shoot anything.  And even though there was some green screen shots, it didn't hurt the film that much.  I really don't want to say it had a  Lynchian  feel because it was black & white, but it did have some nightmare-ish parts in which a David Lynch fan like myself, really enjoyed.

The movie opens up with Jim, who's on the phone with his boss, while on holiday.  He is told that he is being let go.  Without wanting to alarm his family, he decides to hide it from them and just enjoy his last day on vacation.

While roaming around Disney World, Jim takes a fancy on two teenage girls from France.  Of course this is the beginning of a creepy obsession.  Jim tries to enjoy his vacation, but while riding "It's A Small World" (I believe), Jim starts having hallucinations.  After that, Jim takes his son to the Buzz Lightyear ride.  Jim once again, sees the French girls and follows them around the park.  Because of this, Jim makes a lot of questionable decisions (like taking his 7 yr old son to Space Mountain).  There are also some odd characters that Jim meets, like the man in the motor cart and the lady with the heirloom necklace.  By the end of the film, things really start getting crazy for Jim, as thing begin to unravel about the "Happiest Place On Earth".

I really enjoyed the weirdness and craziness of Escape From Tomorrow.  The acting was pretty good.  I sort of felt for Jim.  He losses his job while on holiday.  His sex life doesn't look to well.  And he has a son who disobeys him.  These are some things that I fear about life.  I don't want to say I can relate, but more that I understand.  You can watch the film on Netflix, and if you enjoyed it, I'm pretty sure you can find the DVD at many retail stores.  So if this movie interest you, check it out and just kick back.  It's the best way to enjoy this film.