Monday, November 30, 2015

Royal Thunder - "Crooked Doors" (2015)

Anyone who's heard "CVI", the debut full length by Royal Thunder, should pretty much know already how much they rock.  Their Southern sludgy/psychedelic/hard rock sound, with Miny's voice won me over and turned me into a huge fan.  And they came in a good time when a lot of Georgia bands were making some noise.  Now they have released their 2nd LP, "Crooked Doors", a perfect successor to "CVI".  A album that is just as catchy and heavy as the last one.
"Crooked Doors" starts off with one of my favorite tracks, "Time Machine".  As soon as you hear it, you know something different is gonna happen.  And it's gonna be really good.  I love that Joan Jett-esque attitude in Miny's vocals on the chorus.  It's just awesome when someone who has a blues-y and soulful voice can take it up a notch.  Also a perfect choice to make it into a music video.  If "Time Machine" didn't quite did it for you, then "Forget You" should do the job.  It may not be "Whispering World" from "CVI", but it is just as heavy.  "The Line" has a nice guitar feedback and bass line to get your attention.  "The Line is another track that displays how well they mesh the heavy and mellow parts.  And it has some good solos in this one, too.  "Forgive Me, Karma" is a great title.  And I can only imagine that a title like that will have a psychedelic feel.  And hearing "The Bear II" just makes me want to cry.  Not because it's a piano balled, but because I know it's over.  Of course I can always play it back again (along with "CVI"
"Crooked Doors" has a great flow.  Especially hearing it on vinyl.  I knew what the band was capable of after hearing "CVI.  "Crooked Doors" escapes the "sophomore jinx" and accomplishes  in becoming kick arse record for 2015.  If you've been digging the indie rock influence in Kylesa, and enjoy Baroness or Red Fang, then Royal Thunder is the band for you.  Relapse has been putting out some awesome records this year.  And "Crooked Doors" is one of them.  Just a great album with heavy riffs and sweet vocals.  If you're tired of In This Moment and Butcher Babies, then please give Royal Thunder a try, and pick up their latest album, "Crooked Doors".  I promise you'll be rocking out in no time.

I rate this album "5 Hitlers punched in the face"

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 11-29-29


Jesus Is Dead
"Genetically Modified Organism"
Statistical Anger

Phog Masheeen
"Breathalizer (Unforeseen Side Effects)"
Survey of Brutaity

"Bring The Noise"

Endometrium Cuntplow
"T H R E E (Trip Currents Redux)"
Failed Ghost

See Through Buildings

Small Drone Orchestra
"Part 1"
Lost In Largesse

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Publicist UK - "Forgive Yourself" (2015)

Never in my life did I think that Post-Punk and Synth-Pop would make some comeback.  To me, that music sounded like it only belongs to the 80's.  And that's there's no way of bringing back this style without making it look like a parody.  Of course during high school, a lot of 80's music was making a comeback.  You had KROQ's Flashback Fridays w/ Richard Blake and Y107 playing Depeche Mode.  And 95.5 KLOS blasting some Motley Crue.  It was around the early 00's when we started seeing bands like The Killers and The Bravery bringing back Synth-Pop to a contemporary crowd.  Couldn't really get into them, but the ones I really enjoyed were She Wants Revenge and Interpol. I've always enjoyed more of the likes of Joy Division and Swans.  Something about them gave a really moody vibe and I end up really digging.  Later we would see a few metal bands incorporating Post-Punk to the sound, like Lifelover and Justin Broadrick's Jesu.  But never heard anything that Publicist UK have done.  Bring a heavy sound to Post-Punk.  This is a band that was formed not to long ago by Dave Witte, Zachary Lipez, Brett Bamberger, and David Obuchowski.  And just hearing a bunch of metalheads playing Post-Punk is amazing.
Publicist UK's debut album, "Forgive Yourself", is definitely a album that has a flashback sound, but can really be fresh to new listeners.  When the vocals starts coming in on "Cowards", you just get a Ian Curtis vibe.  "Levitate the Pentagon" was the song that got me hooked.  The chorus is very enjoyable.  This is a perfect example of how mesh post-punk and metal together.  The lyrics sound very depressing.  I believe the Sludgelord described it really well on their review.  But if you want to know how Publicist UK sound, I recommend check out this track.  "I Wish You'd Never Gone To School" is another favorite of mines.  Loved the tone on the guitar on this one.  The female vocals on "Telegraphing" is also a great touch.  It really makes things feel comforting.  I'm not sure, but I'm sure I heard some double kicks on "Away".  All I know it sounded really bad arse, along with that tremolo picking.
If you're a fan of the members other bands, not sure if you'll enjoy "Forgive Yourself".  But if you're very familiar with Post-Punk and are a fan, then you'll really love Publicist UK.  Not sure how dedicated they'll be with Publicist UK, but I really hope to hear more.  'Forgive Yourself" is one hell of a introduction to a new band/supergroup.  And Zach's vocals bring back a sound that I din't think I would hear again.  This was a fun record.  Very enjoyable.  And I would really love to see this band live.  So if this sounds like your cup of tea, then I hope you'll go out and check it out.  They really have a awesome heavy, flashback sound.

I rate this "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face"

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