Friday, September 25, 2015

Santa Ana Noise Fest VII promo video

Earlier today, I made a promo video for the Santa Ana Noise Fest VII, at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.  If you live or know someone who live in the area, and is a fan of experimental music, please share this video

For more info, please visit


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A sneek peek at Santa Ana Noise Fest VII (SANF7)


117 N. Sycamore St.
Santa Ana, Ca 92701
Tel: 714-667-1517

(Poster design by Stephan Anderson)

On 11-21-15, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts (OCCCA) will be hosting the 7th Annual Santa Ana Noise Fest (SANF7).  This festival will feature 14 bands/artist from the experimental sub-genres, including: Noise, Ambient,  Minimalist, Drone, Electronic, etc.  The show is $10.00, unless you RSVP here:, then it's free.  If you plan to go, please share the event page ( and spread the word.

And now here are performers who'll be playing this year's Santa Ana Noise Fest:
(If you enjoyed some of the music, then hopefully you'll check out their bandcamp/soundcloud page and come to the SANF7 show)

(Performing at 5:00pm)

(Performing at 5:20pm)

(Performing at 5:40pm)

(Performing at 6:20pm)

Non Available.  Sound/Image coming soon

(Performing at 6:40pm)

(Performing at 7:00pm)

Non Available.  Sound/Image Coming Soon

(Performing at 7:40pm)

(Performing at 8:00pm)

(Performing at 8:20pm)


(Performing at 9:00pm)


Phog Masheeen
(Performing at 9:20pm)


(Performing at 9:40pm)

(Performing at 10:00pm)

(Performing at 10:20)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Revenge is Her Middle Name (2011/2015)

Making you're first film can be a fun experience.  And it can also be a very scary one, too.  For some, a first feature just doesn't give a director a film under his belt.  But also gives them some experience in film making.  For others, it can be something to cross off their list.  With Anthony Matthews, he wanted to make a sleazy grindhouse film in the vain of 70's exploitation.  With the help of ToeTag's Jerami Cruise and other friends (including fellow members of the underground horror community), Matthews was able to bring his raw and bleak throwback film to the new millennium. It took a few years to be available on DVD, but the wait was worth it.
The movie is about Kat.  A junkie-prostitute who's a massive cunt.  Her friend, Marilynn, tries to help her out.  But Kat just becomes too difficult for Marilynn.  Kat's boyfriend, Dolph, is a junkie fuck that Kat is trying to have a baby with.  Weeks later, Kat finally got what she wanted, and now has to figure out how she'll take care of a baby.  So she tries to convince Dolph to rob her pimp, Mutton Chop.  Dolph didn't want to go along, because Mutton Chop is a crazy motherfucker.  But then Kat threatens him to kick him out to the street and sue him for child support.  So Dolph finally agrees to take part.  The plan is for Kat to get Mutton Chop off guard.  Then Dolph (while wearing a mask) will try to rip off Mutton Chop.  Things will turn to worse when Mutton Chop recognizes Dolph.  Dolph threatens Mutton Chop to give him all his money and drugs.  Mutton Chop would stand his ground and gets a beating, shot, and left for dead.  Kat and Dolph run back home and begin to celebrate.  Dolph would then start doing coke and dozes off.  Kat would then grab a pillow and smother Dolph and takes off with the cash.  8 month later, we see Kat already showing the belly, and living a new life.  Sadly things start to turn around when she sees that Mutton Chop is still alive, and has a bloodied Dolph with him.  To get back at her for stealing his money, Mutton Chop has his crew gang rape Kat.  And to make things worse, Mutton Chop cuts Dolph's throat in front of her, and spills his blood on Kat.  Then takes a piss on Kat's beaten and violated body.  We later see her wake up in a hospital and is being interviewed by two detectives.  They try to get her to tell them who her attackers were.  But Kat tells them that she doesn't know because they wore a "mask".  When Kat leaves the hospital, she tries to get her life back together.  She goes to the bar and meets a guy there.  They go back to Kat's place and have some drinks.  The guy would later force himself onto her.  Kat would start having flashbacks of getting raped and then stabs the guy.  She would then dismembers the guy and puts his limbs in plastic bags.  Later, Kat would get a visit from the detective who was working her case. This time, he's there for a missing person case.  The detective ask her about the guy she met at the bar.  She tells him that she doesn't know what happened to him, but the detective gets suspicious.  Kat then starts bringing random guys to her home and holds them captive, where she humiliates, tortures, and then murders them.  Soon, she begins to get revenge from Mutton Chop.  First she goes after his crew, trying to get info on Mutton Chop's whereabouts.  When Kat finally gets her hands on him, Mutton Chop finds out the he fucked with the wrong crazy bitch.
As much as I enjoyed this flick, I have to agree with Mr. Parka's video review about how all the characters are dislikeable.  It was hard to get behind Kat because she was a horrible human being.  It was terrible what would happen to her.  Especially since it looked like she had her life turned around.  But it seemed that karma came to bite her in the arse (or worse).  When you see that Jerami Cruise is involved, you think that the flick would be a gore fest.  There is plenty of blood, but Matthews wants to give a 70's/early 80's feel.  And if you look back at those films, there wasn't much guts and limbs flying around.  This is a movie to make you feel dirty.  And that's the vibe I get when watching Revenge Is Her Middle Name.  As nasty as her character is, Lissa Brennan does a good job with playing the hooker-turned-killer, Kat.  It was nice seeing Michael Schneider, who most underground horror fans know him as Maggot, from August Underground: Mordum.  But the one who I really enjoyed was Douglas Bell as Mutton Chop, who you would have thought that Anthony hopped on a time machine and knicked himself a blaxploitation character to be in his film.  And of course the lovely Paula Bellin as Marilynn, who doesn't seem to be the caring person we thought she was.  The soundtrack is also great.  The sleazy 70's music adds a nice throwback touch.  And of course the themes song in the end sounds like something you'll hear in the Sunset strip, during the 80's.  Some of the outside shots looked really nice.  But the shot I enjoyed was the "glory hole" scene.  The DVD includes commentary, a interview with Matthews talking about the making of the film, and a short film that was suppose to be a segment for The Murder Collection Vol. 1.  In which Revenge Is Her Middle Name would be born from.  This is definitely not your typical Rape/Revenge film.  What Anthony Matthews brings us is a nasty, dark, and dirty World of the lowest people on Earth.  This may not be for anyone, but if you're familiar with the genre, then you might dig it.

You can purchase Revenge Is Her Middle Name at:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chelsea Wolfe - "Abyss" (2015)

For quite some time, Chelsea Wolfe has been changing the game, when it comes to singer-songwriters.  Her mix of folk, doom, and electronics, have been a breathe of fresh air.  Her last 3 releases have been unique, so I was really stoked to see where she was going with Abyss.  Little that I know, that Abyss was gonna be Chelsea Wolfe's heaviest album.  But then again, the album was inspired when Chelsea was going through sleep paralysis.  I would think that would make quite the heavy and dark record.
The album starts off with "Carrion Flower", a heavy-bass, electronic track.  If you enjoyed "Feral Love" from Pain Is Beauty, then this song takes it to another level.  Pretty much this song sets up the entire album.  "Iron Moon" can be considered the best doom song that Chelsea Wolfe has composed.  And the same could be said about "Dragged Out".  That guitar tone on the chorus sounds wicked.   "Crazy Love" is a nice look back at her early sound.  And by the end of the album, we hear more electronic-based stuff..  And how can I forget about her haunting piano in songs such as "Maw", "After The Fall", and "The Abyss".
Abyss is definitely a step forward to Chelsea Wolfe's sound.  The heaviness of the music is what really made this album enjoyable.  But don't worry, she still sounds beautiful on this album.  Of course there's songs where she sings through reverb, which gives that haunting atmosphere.  And there are songs where she doesn't, and still sounds great.  Not sure if she'll ever go back to the heavy sound on her next record.  Especially since I mentioned earlier, this was all due to Chelsea's sleep paralysis.  I've always heard stories where people have said that when they go under sleep paralysis, that there are times when they feel that someone is pressing down on them.  And to me, that's how I see those heavy parts on the album.  So don't be afraid to jump into the Abyss, and just let it sink in.  It will be quite the experience

Rating: 5 Hitlers Punched in the Face

Code 415 Podcast: 9-17-15

Today I'll be playing new music from Lights and the Windows, who's debut EP just came out.  Also got some Locrian and Nothing, so hope everyone enjoys.

Lights and the Windows - "Blazing Heart" (Lights and the Window EP)

Nothing - "Bent Nail" (Guilty of Everything)

Locrian - "An Index of Air" (Infinite Dissolution) 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Myrkur - "M" (2015)

Okay, let's point out the obvious;  Many people have a love/hate relationship with Myrkur's music.  Some find it beautiful and unique.  Others say it's not "trve" to the Black Metal standards.  When I listen to Myrkur, I hear a woman who is just giving her take on Black Metal.  No following any guidelines, just playing her heart out and hoping that what comes out is something special.  If you heard Myrkur's S/T ep, then you should know what to expect from her first full-length album, M.  So what Myrkur gives us is a atmospheric black metal journey, in a bigger scale.
M starts off with "Skogen Skulle Do".  A song that gives you a taste of Heaven, before sending you down to Hell.  "Onde Born" is a beautifully written song,  This is a song geared towards fans of Alcest, than Burzum or Darkthrone.  And the same thing can be said about "Jeg er Guden, I er Tjenerne".  Then you have tracks like "Nordlys" and "Bysunn Lull", which may not fit in a Black Metal album, but it does give a feeling of loneliness and isolation.  "Mordet" and "Skadi" definitely shows that Myrkur can play some serious, grim Black Metal.  And then there's a bonus track called "Skaoi".  Another song that opens up with choir singing, before going into the Black Metal shriek.  Which is a huge part of Myrkur's sound.
M may not be for everyone.  But for those who don't mind some melody in their Black Metal, might enjoy it.  The dark and the light do blend very well, without forcing the two sounds together.  What also may have made this album sound so great is Krystoffer Rygg (aka Garm), who helped to produce the album.  If anyone knows anything about Black Metal and Experimental music, it would definitely be him.  Huge fan of Ulver, so it's great seeing him work with Myrkur.  And the blokes in Nidingr did great filling the rhythm section.  If you're not sure about this album, you can always stream it at bandcamp and youtube.  Hopefully that will give you an idea and know whether to purchase it or not.  But I'm happy I bought this and show my support.  M is quite the Atmospheric Black Metal experience.  And I can't wait to take another journey into the sound that Myrkur has brought into the World of Black Metal.

You can purchase M at

Rating: "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face

Friday, September 11, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 9-11-15

On today's episode, we remember the people we've lost during the 9/11 attack.  We think about our loved ones and how we should never take them for granted.  And to never forget.  United we stand.  Divided we fall.


Attack At Dawn - "June 29th, The Day You Almost Died" (demo)

King Woman - "King of Swords" (Doubt)

Hellbeard - "Colloused" (Scarecrow)

Neko Case - "Red Tide" (Middle Cyclone)

Dorthia Cottrell - "Moth" (Dorthia Cottrell)

Tom Waits - "Road To Peace" (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers, and Bastards)

Lights And The Windows - "Lights And The Windows e.p." (2015)

For a couple of years, I've been following Lights And The Windows bringing their ambient-driven Post Hardcore/Alternative sound to the SoCal scene.  You hardly hear bands in the LA/OC area playing the sound that LATW are doing.  And because of that, it really makes Lights And The Windows stand out.  Especially hearing them live, it is quite the sonic experience.  A while back, there was some issue with their rhythm section.  But despite the bullocks that was happening within the band, they were able to get into Fuel Music Studio with a new line-up, and record their first release.
The e.p. opens up with a rework of "New Days Sun".  This one took time to get use to, since I've heard the demo version many times, last year.  This one had a much bigger feel.  Of course that has to do with being in a professional studio.  And I also don't remember if the bass was up on the mix in the demo version.  But on the e.p. version, the bass sounded really tight.  The band has also included gang vocals on the tracks "Battle Cry" and "Underfoot".  Definitely a nice touch to their sound.  "Underfoot" has a nice alternative rock sound.  But I have to say that "Battle Cry" is the most progressive track on the e.p.  The song starts off with almost a NWOBHM/Prog Metal feel.  Maybe it's because of the way Stefan delivered his vocals, which were excellent on that song.  Then "Battle Cry" goes into metallic hardcore territory when the gang vocals come in.  "Fall Down" displays the post-rock sound that a lot people praise LATW for (or at least I do).  The ambiance in Devin's guitar tone is something to get yourself lost into.  If the band were to submit a song to Heidi & Frank's "Should I Stay, Should I Go" segment, "Blazing Heart" would be perfect.  It has a pretty sweet hook that I'm sure your average listener would fancy. And finally we end with "Myopia".  A song that I pretty much heard grow.  I remember Devin sending me a mp3 file called "pt. in E".  And years later, that intro would become what "Myopia" is now.  The track finishes up with a solo which is described as "instrumentals of awesomeness".
To appreciate a band like Lights and the Windows, you need to have a understanding of post-rock and progressive music.  The e.p. is catchy without sounding generic.  And it is also heavy without having to be heavy.  In an early interview with Dimebag Darrell, he mentions how being heavy doesn't have to pertain with sound.  If you want it to be heavy, you have to do it with feeling.  And to me, that's what Lights And The Windows have accomplished with their S/T ep.  Also if you want to have a great listening experience, I highly recommend listening to it on headphones.  With that, you can hear every detail that makes this e.p. so enjoyable.  So if you enjoyed this band live, then it's time to pick up this e.p and enjoy the tunes in the comfort of your own home.

You can purchase the "Lights and the Window e.p." at

Rating: "Five Hitlers Punched In The Face"

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

A Mad Max movie without Mel Gibson?  Something that was kinda hard for me to imagine.  I like to think that Gibson made that character, iconic.  He's the badarse that I want to be during the post-apocalypse.  But thankfully, Max's creator, George Miller, found someone that would make the Road Warrior proud.  Mad Max: Fury Road isn't a reboot or remake.  It's a sequel to the previous Mad Max films.  Except that we have a new Max in Tom Hardy.  Just think of this as the James Bond films.  Where many actors have taken the role of 007.
It's been many years since the last Mad Max film (Enter Thunderdome, bleh).  So it was a good thing that the movie started with a introduction of who's Max Rockatansky (don't remember if his surname was mentioned before).  We know that he was a ex-cop, who's family was killed by a gang.  And now he wonders around the Wasteland, "searching for a righteous cause".  He gets chased and captured by a clan called The War Boys.  A bunch of thin, pale, and bald blokes, lead by Immortan Joe.  A tyrant, who self-appointed himself the leader, because he controls all the water in his land.  Immortan Joe sends a convoy to the Gasoline City, and bring back gas.  We are then introduced to Imperator Furiosa, who will lead the convoy.  On their way to the Gasoline City, Furiosa takes a detour, and we find out that she has plans of her own.  Immortan Joe starts getting concern, and would find out that Furiosa has taken Joe's four wives.  So Immortan Joe gets the War Boys ready to get back what was his.  We then meet Nux, a half-life who's keeping himself alive with Max's blood.  When Nux sees his fellow comrades getting ready for action, he tries to get involved.  Sadly with the condition he is in, he's in no condition to be driving out in the open road.  So he decides to hook Max in front of the car, so Nux can continue feeding off Max's blood.  So now we got Immortan Joe and his War Boys (along with a guitarist, providing car chase music), going after Furiosa,   They catch up to Furiosa's rig, and we are treated with some crazy action.  Trying to lose Joe and the War Boys, Furiosa drives into a sand storm, which would look like suicide.  Nux tried to go kamikaze to stop Furiosa, but Max was able to stop him from succeeding.  As the storm clears, Max is set free, but Nux is still chained to him.  But at least he's knocked out.  Max catches up to Furiosa and the four wives.  He steals and tries to take off with Furiosa's rig, but the killswitch prevented Max from going far.  Furiosa and the wives catch up, in which Furiosa convinces Max to help them get to their destination.  And from here on out, Max and the gang have Joe chasing them in a monster truck, along with two other war parties trying to help Immortan Joe.  Cars are crashing and exploding.  Guns are being fired.  Bodies flying and getting run over.  And just pure mayhem in the Wasteland
If you're looking for Oscar-worthy performances, this isn't it.  This is a action film for people who want to see shit blow up and other form of destruction.  I really loved this film and had fun watching it.  I was surprise at how little Tom Hardy was involved.  But don't worry, he was still able to make Max the star of the film.  The ladies did a fantastic job in carrying this film.  Especially since action films tend to attract males.  And Charlize Theron was awesome as the badarse heroine, with a robotic arm.  If you loved the chase scene in The Road Warrior, then Mad Max: Fury Road takes that to a whole other level.  And how can I forget Hugh Keays-Bryne as Immortan Joe.  Who is now immortalized in pop culture.  Seeing that the last film that George Miller directed was Happy Feet, it's great to see him return to the Wasteland.  And bringing back a iconic figure to a new generation of movie goers.  And now, I anticipate the next sequel.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Faith No More - "Sol Invictus" (2015)

Well folks, it looks like we got what we wanted.  Not only getting the great Faith No More to get back together and play live.  But also put out a new album since 1997's Album of the Year.  Around the early 00's, I've noticed a huge demand for Faith No More.  Not sure if it's because of Mike Patton popularity (especially in Europe), but a lot of people were getting their hands on The Real Thing (1989) and Angel Dust (992).  10 years after their break-up, Faith No More have finally got back together, doing shows and festivals in Europe, before doing a tour in the States.  During that time, the band have been secretly writing material for their comeback album.  Finally in 2015, FNM have unleashed Sol Invictus to us, who've been waiting for new FNM material.
Roddy's piano opens up the title track.  It's a nice kickback song.  But things get rolling when "Superhero" pops up.  There's definitely a King For a Day vibe in it.  Not sure if anyone has mentioned that.  But hopefully you can hear it.  Unless it's just me.  "Separation Anxiety" is a perfect song that displays Patton's smooth jazz vocals and his more spastic style.  I know Decibel has mentioned that "Cone of Shame" has that "RV" sound.  And I do have to agree.  There is that bar room country sound, but by the end, it does get really intense.  Which is why I love this track.  And "Motherfucker" is definitely a track to sing-a-long.  The album finishes off with "For The Dead".  I like to think that if you enjoyed the last half of King For A Day, then you might this song.
Now let's be honest, it's been a while since these guys have gotten together to write an album.  So don't expect them to outdo Angel Dust, or another classic.  We wanted new Faith No More and we got it.  It isn't a bad album, so that's a good thing.  Everything that we know about Faith No More is in this album.  You got your soft and mellow tunes.  And you got your rock out/bouncing around tunes.  "Sunny Side Up" and "Matador"  mix both of those sounds really well.  As much as I love Patton's vocals, I have to say that Roddy Bottum's performance is just great.  His piano mixes really well with the songs, without sounding like he's trying to force it into the songs.  If you enjoyed most of Faith No More's catalog, then you should be able to enjoy Sol Invictus.  This is just a fun record to listen to, so don't expect any boundaries to be pushed.  I can understand why a lot of music mags and blogs are a bit disappointed.  Which is why you have to see it as Faith No More just doing another record, instead of trying to record the next classic.  Remember, the hype is that Faith No More have a new album.  There wasn't any claim that this was gonna be better than their earlier work.  So just enjoy and have fun with Sol Invictus.  And be glad that we'll be getting some new Faith No More.  Because it seems that these blokes are having the time of their lives.

Rating: "Five Hitlers Punched in the Face"

Friday, September 4, 2015

Ghost - "Meliora" (2015)

My, my, Ghost has really grown.  It seemed like it was yesterday, when I heard about a mysterious Swedish band, who singer looked like Satanic Pope.  And is accompanied by 4 blokes in black hooded robes.  As silly as their gimmick may be to others, to me, Ghost can back it up with their catchy song writing.  Which is why I think a lot of people feel in love the anti papal and his nameless ghouls.  When Ghost were to release 2013's, Infestissumam, fans from the underground were looking forward to that album.  Now that Ghost have become huge, the whole World is looking forward to their next release, Meliora.
I like how Meliora starts off with a old sci-fi/horror synth, before the band begins rocking it with "Spirit".  "From The Pinnacle To The Pit" has a sweet bass intro.  I also love that psychedelic guitar tone.  Very different from what we heard on the last two Ghost Albums  "Cirice", of course everyone loves that song.  From the opening chord to the first verse, this song already has you hooked.  After listening to this song, you know that Ghost have outdone themselves again. "Can you see that you're lost with out me", goddamn, I always have that line stuck in my head.  The Papal never sounded this great.  But the song that I hope will be their next single is "Majesty".  The guitar riff on that song just kicks arse.  "Mummy Dust", "Devil Church" and "Deus In Absentia" has that 70's pop rock feel, which sounds really nice.  And "Absolution" brings out that early Mercyful Fate-meets-Blue Oyster Cult sound, which is considered the band's signature sound.   
By each album, I find myself loving this band even more and more.  And the fact that they focus more on writing really catchy songs, does help a lot.  When I heard their first single, "Cirice", I pretty much knew that Meliora was gonna be another hit with the fans.  Really glad that this album exceeded my expectations, and that the band didn't feel a lot of pressure to write their follow-up to Infestissumam.  As long as Ghost doesn't rush to finish their next album, then I can see this band having a great longevity.  If you enjoyed the last album, then you're gonna dig Meliora.  So gathering around and rejoice the music, that is Ghost.  

Rating: 5 Hitlers Punched in the Face

Code 415 Podcast: 9-4-15

Happy Labor Day, everyone.  Today's show features a lot of high energy bands.  Hope you'll enjoy today's show.

The Extreme Unicorn - "Occupy" (To The Extreme e.p.)

Anti-Heroes - "Fuck Hollywood" (American Pie)

Jar'd Loose - "Carrion Guy" (Turns 13)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Starry Eyes (2014)

The things that people will do for success in Hollywood.  We've heard all the stories.  A small town girl, from the country, traveling to the west, pursuing a career in acting.  She gets called in for a audition.  And when she gets there, the producer and/or director tries to take advantage of her.  Something similar happens in the 2014, occult/horror flick, Starry Eyes, directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Wildmyer.

The movie is about a struggling actress name Sarah.  She lives in the Hollywood area, working a demeaning job to pay the bills, and hoping to get her big break.  She hangs around other people who are aspiring to get in the movie business.   The one's who seem close to her is her roommate, Tracy and Danny, a photographer/aspiring director.  Then there's Erin, who's a total cunt.  Always hoping that Sarah's acting career will fail.
Sarah get's a script from Astraeus Pictures, called "Silver Scream", in which some of her friends gave her shit because the title sounded cheesy.  So she goes to the audition, where there's a lot of competition.  When she's one of the actresses walk out crying, it seemed that she knew that it will be a tough audition.  So Sarah enters the auditioning room, and gives a so-so audition.  The casting directors weren't to fond of her performance, so they gave her the ol' "thank you, don't call us, we'll call you".  She asked for a second chance, but to no avail.  She then goes to the restroom, and we see her getting upset and pulling her hair (she suffers from a condition called Trichotillomania).  When she leaves the restroom, she is asked to come back by the casting director.  Sarah is then asked to do what she did in the restroom, again.  So Sarah does what she's asked, and the casting directors seemed satisfied.  She now leaves the audition very excited, and comes home to tell Tracy all about it.  The next day, Sarah gets a call from one of the casting directors.  She is told to come by the auditioning room, late at nights.  When she arrives, the room is very dark.  We then see a spotlight shining on Sarah and is asked to undress.  At first she was hesitant, but would then comply.  After Sarah undresses, one of the casting directors asked her about opening herself up.  During this scene, we see Sarah going into a mind trip.  We also notice that the casting director is wearing a pentagram around her neck.  Pretty much giving the idea that something very dark is gonna happen.  So Sarah gets the idea that she's getting the role and would quit her job.  Later, Sarah would be invited to meet the producer at his home.  While she was there, the producer tells her that she has one final step, but would then try to seduce her.    This would repulse Sarah, and leaves the producer's house.  She comes back home, very upset.  Of course, her friends don't care what's bothering her.  Except for Tracy, who Sarah would tell what happened when she was meeting the producer.  Since things didn't work out with Astaeus Pictures, Sarah would then ask for her job back.  Later, Danny offers Sarah a role in his indie film.  He mentioned that Tracy told him what happened with Astraeus, and this would upset Sarah.  Sarah confronts Tracy and they would have a argument.  She would then call the people in Astaeus and ask for a second chance. When she arrives at the house, again, the producer awaits for her, and Sarah then gives him oral.  While this is going on, people in hooded cloaks would appear.  And from here on out, things begin to change for Sarah.
The next day, Sarah feels like she has a new lease on life.  Now she feels that her career is about to take off, until some weird events begin to happen.  First, Sarah starts having these nightmares.  Later, Sarah starts to look very sick and we see her hair and nails falling out.  Sarah would show up to work, looking like she's about to die.  Her boss ask her to go home.  Sarah refuses and would then get herself fired.  As the day goes by, Sarah becomes more fragile and really starts freaking out.  She would then get a call from the produce, who knows what is happening to Sarah.  He tells her that she can die or let the "transformation" go through.  Then the producer has Sarah do one more task, before she can be "reborn".  By the end of the film, Sarah goes to visit Danny, in which would end in brutality and bloodshed.  After this, Sarah meets up with the cult from Astaeus and completes her transformation.  We now see a new Sarah, who now seems like she got what she wanted.
Starry Eyes is quite the trip.  It does take it's time, but that's the only way to tell the story of what's happening with Sarah.  Starry Eyes also shows what people are willing to do, to achieve some sort of fame.  Even if they have to sell their soul.  You want to get behind Sarah because of her struggles, but as the movie goes on, we see what kind of person she is.  At work, she carries her cell phone around, when she was told not to have it while on the clock.  She's obsessed with making it into the industry, that she forgets her priorities, like paying the rent.  It always seems that she wants everyone to feel sorry for her, but doesn't care how everyone else feels in their personal life.  If you enjoy movies like Rosemary's Baby, where they deal with showbiz and the occult, then you might fancy Starry Eyes.  The movie does have a good cast.  And the special effects are really great.  From Sarah's body decaying to the brutal gore scenes in the end, I think some horror fans will enjoy this film.  Starry Eyes is a good occult horror film, and hope some people will find it interesting.  Of course the movie is streaming on Netflix, if anyone want to check it.

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