Friday, October 31, 2014

Painkiller (2014)

Body Horror is a interesting sub-genre for me.  Just seeing someone going through horrifying changes in their body can be frightening.  Especially since they have no control over it.  Painkiller, a short directed by Jeremiah Kipp and written by Jerry Janda,  takes that sub-genre into a interesting place.
 Painkiller is a short film, about two scientist  (both who are couples) who try to create a organism,to help people with a terminal disease.  What this organism does is make the pain less enduring by feeding off  from the pain.  The girlfriend volunteers to have the organism implanted in her.  Of course the special effects in this scene is very well done.  After that, they finally test out this new type of painkiller, which was very harsh to see.  Sadly, the girlfriend would later be addicted to pain.  She would do anything for someone to hurt her, even attack people so they can retaliate on her.  Tired of hurting his girlfriend, the boyfriend tries to look for some professionals to bring the pain for the girlfiend.
The opening scene with Thomas Mendolia and Jerry Janda was great.  There was a nice flow when both were doing their dialogues.  And Kelly Rae LeGault did a nice job of portraying someone who's going through a terrible change in her body.  Kipp did a great job in bringing Janda's script to life.  And with Jeffrey S. Gould as DP also made Painkiller look really nice.
I do have to say that some people may not fancy the ending to much.  As shocking as it is, it did make me want to know more about Jerry Janda's character.  I can enjoy doing a open interpretation of the ending, but I don't think that it will do it justice.  Only because only Jerry Janda knows what's in the head of the man in the suit.  But overall, it's pretty good fora short film.  The special features includes the trailer and their crowd funding video, which gives a little about what Painkiller is about.  If you want to purchase the DVD or rent it for $1, then please check out

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today Is The Day - "Animal Mother" (2014)

Today Is The Day's last album, "Pain Is A Warning", was a really good rock record.  Almost had a AC/DC feel to it.  Pretty much had me thinking if they're going with this direction on the new album, or do something different.  With "Animal Mother, there's a bit of "Pain", but also has some early stuff in the mix.
The opening title track is a perfect example.  Just like in "Expectations Exceed Reality", Steve Austin whispers before going full force.  Definitely a worthy TITD opening track.  "Outlaw (acoustic)" also has that "Pain Is A Warning" sound.  There single, "Masada", is a great track to give a idea what to expect from "Animal Mother.  But I am a huge fan of "Godcrutch" and "Heathen".  And the closing track, "Boodwood", almost sounds like a Radiohead song.  That's a song that took me off guard.  I did not expect a song like that on a TITD album.  Huge kudos for that.
Even though "Animal Mother" isn't "Willpower" or "In The Eyes of God", but it's still a heavy record.  One thing for sure is that I enjoyed this than the last two release.  It's awesome to see that Southern Lord put this album out.  Now I can't wait to see what Steve Austin and Co. will do in the next album.  Austin still sounds badarse and he really got a good rhythm section to back him up.  "Animal Mother" gets a good "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

To purchase "Animal Mother", visit these links

Saturday, October 18, 2014

In Her Skin (2009)

Most thrillers that are based on a true story, I tend to stay away.  Just the thought that what I'm watching actually happened, pretty much disturbs me.  I pretty much have to be in a right mood to watch a movie like In Her Skin 

The story takes place in Melbourne, Australia, in 1999.  Michael Barber (Guy Pearce) is waiting in the train station for his daughter, Rachel (Kate Bell), who is taking dancing lessons out of town.  Michael noticed that his daughter hasn't arrived, so he calls his wife, Elizabeth (Miranda Otto).  Wondering where Rachel is, Elizabeth starts calling Rachel's boyfriend and friends.  When they notice that Rachel still hasn't showed up, the Barbers really start to worry.  They try to report it to the police, but they believe that Rachel just ran away.  Later, Rachel's boyfriend calls back and tell  Elizabeth that Rachel was taking a job, but didn't know where.  All that he knows is that job was offered from an old friend of Rachel's.  Sadly, the Barbers don't know who.
Now we are in the second part and are introduced to Caroline (Ruth Bradley).  We see her in the Barber's house, babysitting their kids.  She's typing a letter to her dad (Sam Neill), who walked out on the family a while ago.  Caroline is dealing with a mental issue, which caused a lot of problems with her parents.  She cusses at her mom.  There's a scene where she bumps her brother while going down stairs.  And then rips the letters to her dad and lit them on fire in the trash bin.  We then see a scene where Caroline is all grown up.  She has a office job and her own little pad.  While at lunch, she's having lunch with her co-workers and sees Rachel and her boyfriend making out.  It seems that Caroline is jealous of Rachel.  Rachel is pretty and skinny, while Caroline tells herself she's fat and ugly.  While back at her apartment (after having some mental breakdown), Caroline comes up with a plan to bring Rachel to her place and end her "so-called" perfect life.
And now we're at the final act.  In this one, we get to know Rachel a little bit.  Rachel is a dancer with a good looking boyfriend and a couple of friends.  Pretty much Rachel is someone that is liked by many.  While walking around town, she tells her boyfriend about a job, but she can't tell much about it.  Only that it's for some research for a friend.  Rachel and Caroline finally meet up and go to the apartment.  Caroline offers Rachel a drink and asked her to relax and close her eyes for the research.  And then the horrible thing happens, which was terrible to see.  Especially seeing Rachel's parents turning the town upside down to find her.  Only to know that Rachel was murdered.  
We see Michael and Elizabeth Barber again, this time they meet a detective who is willing to help find Rachel.  The detective was able to find Rachel after getting access to her cell phone records.  Which of course will lead him to Caroline's place.  Sadly the detective had to be the bearer of bad news to the Barber family.
"In Her Skin" is a movie that can be any parents worst nightmare.  Especially seeing that the crime was done by someone they've trusted.  I find Ruth Bradley's portrayal of Caroline to be very disturbing.  It was great seeing Sam Neill, since I haven't seen him in movies that much.  The only problem I have with the movie is the very end of the film.  The song that was playing during Rachel's funeral seemed too upbeat.  And the scene in the prison yard, with Caroline being happy, just didn't felt right.  But it really is a good flick.  If you're familiar with the case or are into true crimes, then check it out.  It's a well made flick.