Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Code 415: Best Songs of 2014

Happy New Year's, folk.  Today's episode, I'll be playing my top favorite songs of 2014, so hope everyone will enjoy it.  Peace out, girl scout.  -Mikey O)))-

#5: Swartwoud - "Only Deamons Play This HAARP"

#4: Girlflesh - "Gore Habit"

#3: Akem Manah - "The Twisted Rites of Satan's Bride"

#2: Lights and the Window - "New Day Sun"

#1: Muscle and Marrow - "Surround the Fire"

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Code 415 Podcast: 12/27/14


1. Psycho Killer - Mech Cannibal

2. Gorerotted - Only Tools and Corpses

3. Nachtmystium - Every Last Drop

Code 415 Podcast: 12/27/14 by Code415media on Mixcloud

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Top 5 Albums of 2014

It was hard to compile this list for "Best Album".  So many great albums from some well-known acts.  Of course a lot of people are talking about Mastodon, Pallbearer, etc.  On this list, I wanted to bring attention to bands that not many people will be familiar with.  So hopefully after reading this, you'll at least check out one song from these bands.

5. Girlflesh - Nudes

Girlflesh was definitely a darkhorse this year.  Girlflesh caught my attention when filmaker/podcaster/wrestling personality, Rob Dimension, gave Girlflesh a like on Facebook.  Nudes was the first electronic album I heard in a long time.  Nudes is one of my favorite finds of 2014.

4. Kyng - Burn The Serum

Even though they're on a well known label, have songs played on the radio, touring with well-know acts, I still feel that there are a lot of people who need to hear Kyng.  Trampled Sun was great album.  But Burn The Serum really topped it.  They sound way better.  They play way better.  And of course their album art is even way better.  Really proud of these guys.  They sure had one hell of a year.

3. Muscle and Marrow - The Human Cry

This was also a great new find for 2014.  BillyGoat from Doomed & Stoned brought these guys my attention.  This Portland based duo bring a unique sound to the Doom sub-genre.  The Human Cry is a very dark and haunting piece.  Great to see more awesome bands coming out of Oregon.

2. Hellbeard - Dark/Light EP 

This was my biggest anticipated release of 2014.  This was Post-Metal at it's best.  Who knew that a 3 song E.P. would be a very crushing release.  The guys from Hellbeard have been working really hard to put out this release, and it really shows once you hit that play button.  And just because it's #2, it doesn't make it any less.  I really loved this E.P. and can't wait for it to come on vinyl.

1. Akem Manah - Demons of the Sabbat

This was another album I've been looking forward to.  And I'm really glad that Dead Nedry put this out as a full-length, instead of two e.p.'s.   "Reign of Terror" is one of the catchiest song that Akem Manah has written.  But "The Twisted Rites of Satan's Bride" is the best track from this album.  And of course Adam Richardson's vocal spot on "Nightfall" was also great.  Akem Manah topped themselves again with Demons of the Sabbat, and becomes my favorite album of 2014.

Top 5 Films of 2014

Well it's that time of year.  2014 has been a good year for horror.  A lot of films I've heard from Sundance, I've finally got to see.  I present to you, my "Top 5 Films of 2014.
*NOTE* Some of these movies were in the festival circuit, so I didn't get to see them til they came on DVD this year.

5. Godzilla

Even though there wasn't much monster fighting, the destruction that Godzilla and the Mutos created was worth it. Of course this was directed Gareth Edwards, who did Monsters (a monster movie with not much action).  But I did enjoy the story.  Cranston was great.  And I geeked out when Godzilla blew his first flame.  I was expecting more, but I'm happy with what I got.

4. Snowpiercer

Captain America's Chris Evans and John Hurt live in the ghetto side of a train, and are no longer gonna take it.  Joon-ho Bong's post-apocalypse flick was a fun watch.  I don't know what the Weinstein Company took out, but I thought this was a good flick.  If the movie was suppose to be even longer, then I really would like to see what was cut out.

3. Big Bad Wolves

The suspense almost killed me.  And even though the ending was pretty sad, I really enjoyed the story and the dialog.  The opening scene was well done.  The acting was great.  And I really had some great laughs.  People should really check this movie out.

2. Tusk

It's a huge bummer that not many people went out to see this flick in the theaters.  But I hope people will check this out when it comes to DVD.  There was some funny moments, but I was mostly waiting for the Walrus suit.  And it was fun to see everything that Kevin Smith talked about on SModcast, come to life.

1. The Sacrament

Many people have said that Ti West can be "hit or miss".  The Sacrament did not disappoint.  Maybe the reason I enjoyed this movie was because the whole Jonestown thing.  I've read so many stories about that, and always use it to point out what's wrong with religion/cults.  I already knew how it was going to end.  I just wanted to see how Ti West will pull it off.  Definitely my favorite movie of 2014.  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Most anticipating for 2015

So many albums and movies are coming out on 2015, that I can't wait.  Bands reuniting to make their comeback album.  Sequels that we've been waiting for a while.  And of course new films that have been getting a buzz.  So here's to 2015, and hope that it will bring the best.



Rabbit Hole

Originally, writer/director/actor, Rob Dimension was planning on doing a movie called "Quackers", but decided to put that on hold.  Instead, he decided to write a movie that dealt with religion and the darkside of it.  Dimension was able to get director Mike O'Mahony to be a part of this.  Pretty sure this will be a fucked up flick.

The Sadist

Written and directed by Adam Ahlrandt,  The Sadist brings you into the dark World of a sex slave and his mistress.  From the small clip that I saw (which featured Rob Dimension), The Sadist looks like it's going to be really fucked up (both mentally and physically).  And Steve Austin from Today Is The Day will be handling the score.

Halibut Point

Ron DeCaro is back.  And this time he's putting his hat in the "found footage" genre.  If you've seen Decaro's Bridgeside Trilogy, then you know you're up for something brutal.  In his Indigogo campaign, Ron says that the story is about a family who goes camping in Halibut Point, when all of a sudden, one of the daughters goes missing.  I'm really hoping that DeCaro will be able to finish this film by the end of the year.

[REC] 4: Apocalypis 

The final installment from this Spanish franchise.  In this one, news reporter, Angela, is out of the apartment building, where she was quarantine (no pun to the remake).  And she carries with her the demon that's been turning everyone into zombie type monsters, into the outside World.  Right now it's playing over in Europe.  But in January, it should be making it's US debut. 

Star Wars Episdoe VII: The Force Awakens

The teaser trailer really got me excited for this.  And from what Kevin Smith has said when he was invited to the set of Episode VII, I really hope that J.J. Abrams does give us a kick arse, modern take on Star Wars.  With Hamill, Ford, and Fisher back, I'm sure that both the older fands and newer ones will enjoy the new chapter of the Star Wars saga.



Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy Meat

From the look of cover, I'm really hoping that this will be Napalm's most brutal Century Media release.  I really enjoyed The Code Is Red and Smear Campaign.  The last two were decent, but I really like it when ND are raw and intense,

Lights and the Window - Untitled EP

So far, the only recording Lights and the Windows has put out is "New Day Sun", back in January.  Since then, they've been working hard in making songs that will make the cut for their debut EP.  If they sound amazing live, then I can't wait to hear them do a studio release.

Kantation - Untitled 2nd Album

"Discovery" was one hell of a debut from Kantation.  I even gave it "Five Hitlers Punched in the Face" review.  In 2015, these High Desert blokes are gonna release their sophomore album, and I'm totally stoked.  If you listen to Martin's radio show at, then you might have heard a rough mix track called "Walk Through Desire".  Of course you can pre-order the album at

Faith No More - Untitled Album

I cannot wait for this.  Faith No More made a huge impact on my life.  Really glad that they've got back together.  And now they hit the studio to record a new album, which will come out next year.  This album is for sure going to be in rotation.

Jarboe + Helen Money Collaboration 

This is a collaboration that I'm eagerly waiting to hear.  Not too long ago, these two amazing artist got together for a tour in the west coast.  And pretty soon, Jarboe will get together with cellist, Alison Chesley, to record a EP, due in 2015.  Both Jaboe and Helen Money have a very unique sound, which will make this EP a great listen.