Friday, December 18, 2015

Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks - Mo Anam Cara (2015)

In my early teen years, I really didn't think much of folk music.  There was some stuff by Bob Dylan that I enjoyed, but I hungered more for the extreme.  It wasn't til I heard "Far Away Coast" by Dropkick Murphys, (and maybe post-Hammerheart Bathory) when I started to appreciate folk.  By my early-mid 20's, that's when I was introduced to neo-folk, and got into Current 93, Sol Invictus, and Death In June.  Other than having beautiful melodies, and a laidback atmosphere, what folk music also brings is great lyrics and storytelling.  And these are what we can expect from Long Beach's Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks.  This past spring, Shannon and her bandmates put out their 7th studio album, Mo Anam Cara (which means "My Soulmate" in Irish-Celtic terms), and it's a wonderful journey into the Pagan/Celtic Culture.  Both the light and the dark are represented in Mo Anam Cara, which gives each song a different experience.
"Winds of Hel" kicks off with Shannon's harp, which to me it's a big part of the Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks identity.  When looking up Hel, I did get a feeling that the lyrics could be about dying.  If we let go, where would our souls be?  Wondering around the World or would there be a place where our spirit will be in peace.  On "Midwinter Ghost", you can hear Joy Shannon's voice getting into it.  We hear a woman expressing her love and dedication ("I won't let go of your ghost") to that soulmate.  And what that person means to her life ("you're my light when others gone out").  By the end, she ask if he'll accept the good and bad in her, as she is willing to the accept the good and bad about him.  Then we got "Midsummer Witch Hunt", which is one of the most saddest stories.  Of course if you've seen the music video for this, you pretty much know what it's about.  Studying about witch hunts during the 1400's and mostly the 1700's, this one was very personal to me.  Probably one of the best perspectives of a woman being accused of witchcraft by a establishment that has many faults and hypocrisy.  Do they think their sins aren't as bad as the one's they accuse of being evil.  The album ends with "Marbon: Airmid Bring Back The Dead".  When hearing this song, it does bring a fear of losing the ones you care about, and the ones who you enjoy being around with.  Being alone in a cold winter night.  No one to share laughs and love with.  You hope to have that moment, one more time.  Or at least hope to meet up again, once the time has come.
Mo Anam Cara can be seen as a story about the love of your life.  The one that you want to take care.  Be around with and cherish every moment.  The one who will listen to you, as you will also listen to them.  And also a story about fear.  Wondering if they love you as much as you love them.  Would they accept you for who you are.  And if they will be around forever or be taken away from you, and you'll be all alone in this World.  When hearing Joy Shannon's voice, you just get that feeling that you'll be taken care of, and you don't have to be alone.  The harp does bring in a angelic sound.  You just want to close your eyes and let it guide you.  As Joy's cello brings a more darker tone.  Amelia Barron and Rachel Star Albright backing vocals also bring light to Mo Anam Cara.  And the guitars by Daryl Hernandez bring in a doomy feel as Jon Zell's guitar is more in the lighter side on"Imbolc Invocation to Brighid" and "Ostara Blodeuwedd".  Everything about Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks feels so real.  From the vocals to the way the instruments are played, and the lyrics.  From the first track to the last, everything just flows nicely.  If you're ever in a mood to listen to something mellow, I would totally give Mo Anam Cara a listen.  It may feel odd that there would be a dark/pagan folk band from Long Beach, but once you dive deep into their music, you pretty much forget all about that.  And when you feel like you have no one, just pop this in on your CD/mp3 player, and let Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks make everything better

You can purchase Mo Anam Cara on bandcamp:

I rate this "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face"


Monday, December 14, 2015

Swartwoud - Nusquam (2015)

- "nusquam" meaning: nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing -

Swartwoud is a unique kind of beast.  It is nothing that you've probably heard before.  Or at least in my neck of the woods.  After the bullocks that happened with Zaltu, Lord Orgun put Zaltu on hiatus and started focusing on is experimental Black Metal project, Swartwoud.  Last year, Hexental took us into a journey of bleakness and cacophony.  With Nusquam (Swartwoud's new release), we now enter a void that is dark, cold, and empty.  It's a place where those who have nothing can fit in.  If you're planning to  enter the abyss that is Nusquam, then step in with no light.  And let the darkness guide you through.
When you hear the drum beats of "Ubermenschlich" (German for "superhuman"), you feel like you're in a ritual.  You see shadow looking figures, dancing around the flames, revering a entity that is very superior.  On "87.7N.142.2E (North Pole Song), the guitar riff has a very militant vibe, as if Ogun ready to lead and conquer (most likely Santa's Village).  And you can hear a bit of a Rammstein influence on the vocals.  "Hellbound" is my favorite track.  I'm always a sucker for a guitar that starts off calm before going into total chaos.  Vocals are very menacing.  As if someone has upset that entity and it has now unleashed it's wrath.  Not sure if I'm hearing it right, but it sounds like Ogun does some guitar bending.  And it sounds really sick.  Things start to calm down when "Ex Nihilo" kicks in.  We escaped the darkness, but for some reason  we still feel trapped inside the abyss.  And when we hear those ambient keyboard/organ come in on "Nusquam". we realize that  we are in here forever.  All alone and just floating around.  Having to embrace that isolation.
I wonder if things didn't go sour with Zaltu, would we be hearing Nusquam today.  This is definitely a perfect predecessor to Hexental, as Nusquam has a better sound, a better atmosphere, and more creative.  The violin on "Eindelik" was a nice touch.  It just had a raw and ugly feel.  Perfect for the Swartwoud sound.  And it's those little things that I appreciate from Swartwoud.  With this project, nothing is off limits for Lord Orgun.  Swartwoud is the platform where he can express himself, however he wants to.  Many influences make what Swartwoud is.  But where many bands who have many influences sound like they're everywhere, Swartwoud managed to make it sound as one.  So whether it's heavy, ambient, noisey, mellow, it will still sound like Swatwoud.  Not sure what the average metal listeners would think about Nusquam, but for those who enjoy a very left-field sound, there will be some stuff that you'll dig.  It's a shame that we won't be hearing new Zaltu for a while, but I'm glad to hear some new Swartwoud.  Nusquam has really kept Swartwoud really interesting, and that's what we need in extreme and experimental music.  Sometimes we have to be challenge outside of our comfort zone.  Especially if you're hungry for new music.  If Orgun continues being creative, pushing his sound, and willing to give Swartwoud all his focus, then hopefully we will be hearing Swartwoud's phrases everywhere.

Nusquam can now be stream on youtube.


And if you dig it, you can order the cassette by sending a email at

I rate Nusquam "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face"

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Enslaved - "In Time" (2015)

Ever since they declared their love for Pink Floyd, Enslave have been pushing themselves from just being another Black Metal band.  Some fans of their early Black Metal recordings, may have been disappointed, as they felt like Enslaved has abandoned their early sound.  But there are those who welcomed it.  As to them, it was something new, and kept them interested.  Enslaved were already a unique band to begin with.  They were took Bathory's Viking them and took it to a whole new level.  And with their new album, In Time, we still hear Enslaved continuing their Prog journey.
"Thurisaz Dreaming" comes out of the gate swinging.  The tremolos are just blazing.  Cato Bekkevoid is just pounding on those drums.  And Grutle is just relentless with those vocals.  And then keyboardist/vocalist, Herbrand, comes in to make things diverse.  But his delivery in the 4:30 mark is just epic.  I also really loved his singing on "Building With Fire".  It's also one of my favorite song writing by Enslaved.  The way the song progresses is only something that a band with the experience that Enslaved has.  "Nauthir Bleeding" is another song progresses really nicely.  The set-up is nice and mellow.  Then the song starts to kick arse once we hear Grutle.  The solo around the 4:30 mark added a very nice touch before things get intense again.  And finally, you can't end a Enslaved album without something EPIC, to send the listeners off.  "Daylight" fits in perfects.  Just listen to the choir vocals.  That totally screams "EPIC".  It's also a perfect movie soundtrack about a Viking who just came back to his village, after laying waste to his enemy.  You just want to raise your sword up high for Odin and the warriors up in Valhalla, having a drink.
In Time is probably my favorite recent album by Enslaved. I definitely love their earlier stuff.  But ever since they changed their sound, I would have to pick In Time.  Everything about it is just so good.  From the production, the musicianship, Grutle and Herbrand's vocal delivery, and of course the lyrics.  In Time may not be old-school Norwegian Black Metal, but it does kick a lot of arse.  It also helps if you let the music sink in.  Believe me, it's gonna be one hell of a journey.  If you haven't heard Enslaved before, then I suggest you look for their early stuff before getting into their more progressive/experimental stuff.  If you love extreme and epic music, then you'll dig In Time.  Sadly I don't have mead on me, so I raise my cup of Mt. Dew: Code Red for Enslaved.

"Rating: 5 Hitlers Punched In The Face"

You can purchase In Time here, along with a instant download.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 12-6-15

On this episode, I'll be playing bands from Australia.  Also music from Amorphis, Enslaved, and the collaboration between The Body and Krieg.  Hope you guys will enjoy.


Girlflesh - "Monster"

Asylum Sisters - "Harder, Darker, Louder"

Hope Drone - "Every End Is Fated In It's Beginning"

The Body + Krieg - "Bottom of the Bottle, Bottom of the River"

Amorphis - "Better Unborn"

Enslaved - "Daylight"

Code 415 Podcast: 12-6-15 by Code415media on Mixcloud

Monday, November 30, 2015

Royal Thunder - "Crooked Doors" (2015)

Anyone who's heard "CVI", the debut full length by Royal Thunder, should pretty much know already how much they rock.  Their Southern sludgy/psychedelic/hard rock sound, with Miny's voice won me over and turned me into a huge fan.  And they came in a good time when a lot of Georgia bands were making some noise.  Now they have released their 2nd LP, "Crooked Doors", a perfect successor to "CVI".  A album that is just as catchy and heavy as the last one.
"Crooked Doors" starts off with one of my favorite tracks, "Time Machine".  As soon as you hear it, you know something different is gonna happen.  And it's gonna be really good.  I love that Joan Jett-esque attitude in Miny's vocals on the chorus.  It's just awesome when someone who has a blues-y and soulful voice can take it up a notch.  Also a perfect choice to make it into a music video.  If "Time Machine" didn't quite did it for you, then "Forget You" should do the job.  It may not be "Whispering World" from "CVI", but it is just as heavy.  "The Line" has a nice guitar feedback and bass line to get your attention.  "The Line is another track that displays how well they mesh the heavy and mellow parts.  And it has some good solos in this one, too.  "Forgive Me, Karma" is a great title.  And I can only imagine that a title like that will have a psychedelic feel.  And hearing "The Bear II" just makes me want to cry.  Not because it's a piano balled, but because I know it's over.  Of course I can always play it back again (along with "CVI"
"Crooked Doors" has a great flow.  Especially hearing it on vinyl.  I knew what the band was capable of after hearing "CVI.  "Crooked Doors" escapes the "sophomore jinx" and accomplishes  in becoming kick arse record for 2015.  If you've been digging the indie rock influence in Kylesa, and enjoy Baroness or Red Fang, then Royal Thunder is the band for you.  Relapse has been putting out some awesome records this year.  And "Crooked Doors" is one of them.  Just a great album with heavy riffs and sweet vocals.  If you're tired of In This Moment and Butcher Babies, then please give Royal Thunder a try, and pick up their latest album, "Crooked Doors".  I promise you'll be rocking out in no time.

I rate this album "5 Hitlers punched in the face"

You can purchase "Crooked Doors" at:

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 11-29-29


Jesus Is Dead
"Genetically Modified Organism"
Statistical Anger

Phog Masheeen
"Breathalizer (Unforeseen Side Effects)"
Survey of Brutaity

"Bring The Noise"

Endometrium Cuntplow
"T H R E E (Trip Currents Redux)"
Failed Ghost

See Through Buildings

Small Drone Orchestra
"Part 1"
Lost In Largesse

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Publicist UK - "Forgive Yourself" (2015)

Never in my life did I think that Post-Punk and Synth-Pop would make some comeback.  To me, that music sounded like it only belongs to the 80's.  And that's there's no way of bringing back this style without making it look like a parody.  Of course during high school, a lot of 80's music was making a comeback.  You had KROQ's Flashback Fridays w/ Richard Blake and Y107 playing Depeche Mode.  And 95.5 KLOS blasting some Motley Crue.  It was around the early 00's when we started seeing bands like The Killers and The Bravery bringing back Synth-Pop to a contemporary crowd.  Couldn't really get into them, but the ones I really enjoyed were She Wants Revenge and Interpol. I've always enjoyed more of the likes of Joy Division and Swans.  Something about them gave a really moody vibe and I end up really digging.  Later we would see a few metal bands incorporating Post-Punk to the sound, like Lifelover and Justin Broadrick's Jesu.  But never heard anything that Publicist UK have done.  Bring a heavy sound to Post-Punk.  This is a band that was formed not to long ago by Dave Witte, Zachary Lipez, Brett Bamberger, and David Obuchowski.  And just hearing a bunch of metalheads playing Post-Punk is amazing.
Publicist UK's debut album, "Forgive Yourself", is definitely a album that has a flashback sound, but can really be fresh to new listeners.  When the vocals starts coming in on "Cowards", you just get a Ian Curtis vibe.  "Levitate the Pentagon" was the song that got me hooked.  The chorus is very enjoyable.  This is a perfect example of how mesh post-punk and metal together.  The lyrics sound very depressing.  I believe the Sludgelord described it really well on their review.  But if you want to know how Publicist UK sound, I recommend check out this track.  "I Wish You'd Never Gone To School" is another favorite of mines.  Loved the tone on the guitar on this one.  The female vocals on "Telegraphing" is also a great touch.  It really makes things feel comforting.  I'm not sure, but I'm sure I heard some double kicks on "Away".  All I know it sounded really bad arse, along with that tremolo picking.
If you're a fan of the members other bands, not sure if you'll enjoy "Forgive Yourself".  But if you're very familiar with Post-Punk and are a fan, then you'll really love Publicist UK.  Not sure how dedicated they'll be with Publicist UK, but I really hope to hear more.  'Forgive Yourself" is one hell of a introduction to a new band/supergroup.  And Zach's vocals bring back a sound that I din't think I would hear again.  This was a fun record.  Very enjoyable.  And I would really love to see this band live.  So if this sounds like your cup of tea, then I hope you'll go out and check it out.  They really have a awesome heavy, flashback sound.

I rate this "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face"

You can purchase "Forgive Yourself" at Bandcamp:

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 10-22-15

Today's episode will feature bands from Eye See Home Promotions Vol. 1 & 2 compilation.


Witchburn - "Der Hexhammer"

Sinicle - "Battleborn"

Socionic - "Epiphany"

Chaser Eight - "I Wanna Die"

From Light Rose the Angel - "The Grey Returns"

Pistol Ready - "Breakdown"

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 10-18-15


Ruby The Hatchet
"Heavy Blanket"
(Valley of the Snakes)

Shroud Eater
"Lord of the Sword"
(Dead Ends)

"Tip Your Bartender"
(Worship & Tribute)


"New Mind"
(Children of God)

Big Black
"Bad Penny"
(Songs About Fucking)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Eye See Home Promotions: Volume 2

I heard about Eye See Home Promotions when I read that one of the blokes from Sinicle, was gonna do some work for them, here in LA.  But I didn't hear some of the bands they represent until I pre-ordered my Eye See Home t-shirt, which the proceeds went to making this compilation.  I took a listen to Volume 1 on their bandcamp page.  They had some great bands on their clientele.  Others were okay.  The rest, not really my fancy.  Wasn't to big on the Spring Meltdown comp.  So I pretty much had a good idea of what I might expect from Volume 2.  Some I'll enjoy, others I'll find decent, and the rest, not really care for.  Here at Code 415, I really try to promote the positive in underground/indie music.  There are band in here that I love and want to give them a push here.  Which is why I want to do a review for this compilation.
I give lots of props to Jill Colbert and what she wants to accomplish with her promotion company.  The Reno,NV native does seem to have a love for her local scene.  And also supportive to rock and metal.  When I read "Support indie metal", I'm pretty sure she's referring to "indie"as a philosophy, not the sound.  Of course all the bands in Jill's clientele are very DIY and active.  Which I can really admire that.  But what made indie rock what it is, was the lo-fi recordings.  Not because it's a nice "gimmick", but because that type of recording has a "don't give a fuck" attitude.  Of course back in the days, small local bands couldn't afford a professional studio, so they had to settle for something more low budget.  The plan wasn't to become huge rock stars, it was to get their music heard and not have big label execs tell them what to play.  And that's why I have respect for indie rock's sound and idea.  It's nice to have a good, well polished album.  But with Pro Tools, a lot of metal bands are over polishing their albums, that it's starting to sound very generic or watered down.  And not saying that lo-fi is the way to go.  Yes, I love the raw energy it brings, but if you over do it, it will sound a bit pretentious.  I like things to be a bit even out.
Anyhoo, some of the bands that I dig, from this compilation, I feel like they really really stand out.  The first one to catch my attention was The Approach and The Execution, with "Kings Among Runaways".  For some reason they reminded me of Amorphis.  Not that they sound like them, but there's almost that feel with the melodic vocals and guttural vocals (which by the way, sounded really sick).  Next was Witchburn with "Der Hexhammer".  This band has a really nice Doom/Occult Rock sound.  Their vocalist has some nice pipes.  Reminds me of Mlny of Royal Thunder and Mona Muliski of High Fighter.  If you enjoy those two band and Lucifer/The Oath, then you'll enjoy Witchburn.  Then we got Sludgehammer with "Organ Harvester".  You would think they play Doom/Sludge with a name like that.  But they're more of a modern death metal band.  The guttural vocals are really sick.  I really don't hear many death metal bands having a chorus.  But the one for this track is really well done.  Chaser Eight's "I Want To Die".  Holy shit!  Someone call the producers for the James Bond films, and have this band for the next installment.  "I Want To Die" does sounds like something from a 007 intro.  The vocals are just seductive and brings memories of some of the 90's female fronted bands.  Another female-fronted band that has a nice 90's sound is Bonewagon.  Their song "Pick Up My Pieces" is a perfect follow up to the last track.  "The City Feeds On You" by Unseelie was pretty good.  They reminded me a bit of another band that Eye See Home represents, From Light Rose the Angel.  If you love the latter, then you'll dig the former.  And then we got Piston Ready, who would be among my Top 3 on this compilation.  On a recent interview, Jill of Eye See Home Promotions said they have a "rockabilly" sound.  I may need to check out their other songs, because "Breakdown" has more of a vintage/psychedelic sound mixed with a 80's Sunset Strip vibe.  Another band that you should check out.
I highly recommend check out this comp, if you're interested in checking out some new bands.  Eye See Home seem to have bands for almost everyone's taste.  From the 16 tracks, I was able to enjoy 7, which isn't that bad.  The problem I have with the others is that I really couldn't get into it.  Some of the extreme bands on this comp, had that Meshuggah-esque, metalcore/deathcore sound, which to me has started to become very generic.  I can understand the slick production.  They're trying to get their band to a wider audience.  But with a lot of these type of extreme metal bands, it does become generic or watered down.  One of the reasons why Black Metal kicked Death Metal's arse in the mid-90's.  Then there were a couple of bands who were doing that female melodic vocals and male growls.  None of them really stood out for me.  It seems to fit more for the teenagers today who shop at Hot Topic.  And some of the female fronted bands almost have that Hayley Williams sound and radio rock style.  I love me some Paramore, but we only need one Hayley.  But if that's more of your fancy, then you'll enjoy Volume 2.  But for the ones that I loved, they get the stamp of approval, the "Five Hitlers Punched in the Face"

You can pre-order Eye See Home Promotions Volume 2 on their bandcamp page.  Sales from the comp goes to the band.

And if you like to show support to Eye See Home, they also have a t-shirt.

And also check out some of my favorites.








Behold! The Monolith - "Architect of the Void" (2015)

If there's one thing I like from a heavy metal album, it's a great story.  Not only are you listening to the story, but you are also in it.  When giving "Architect of the Void" a spin, that's the kind of feeling I get.  You can see it.  You can feel it.  And you can smell it.  So kick back, put on the headphones, and take a journey into "Architect of the Void".
When the first track, "Umbral Vale", comes on, I think of a young man, ready to become a warrior.  But in order to do that, he must leave his village and prove that he has what it takes.  Before he takes off, he says his farewells to his mother, his siblings, neighbors and friends.  And finally, his old man.  The one who he wants to make the most proud.  He gets his stuff and the guards open the gate for him, and he's off on his own now.  The drum beat in the beginning of  "Philosopher's Blade", I imagine him walking through the forest and mountains.  Stops to get some rest and then continues with his destiny.  One day, the young man walks by a village.  He sees a farmer and his family being harassed by a evil clan.  He rushes over there and takes them out, except for one.  Who runs back to the other clan.  On "Lord of Bones", I like to think that's where we meet the Warlord of this evil clan.  He hears what that kid from a small community, did to some of his men.  So now he wants to get some payback.  His men are putting armor on the Warlord.  The blacksmith is welding his new sword.  Making it strong and sharp, so the Warlord will be able to impale his new enemy and make him suffer.  "Between Oder and the Vistula" is where we have our big fight scene. At first the Warlord has his clan go after the young warrior.  The brave kid takes them out, one by one.  Until there was none left.  Just him and the Warlord.  Standing in a field, with the corpse of the Warlord's clan.  The Warlord gives the young lad a good beating.  Showing why he's the boss.  Not going down that easy, the our hero picks up his sword, and just goes berserk on the Warlord.  The Warlord has underestimated the young warriors' strength, and can no longer stand his ground.  Our hero was able to get the Warlord on his knees, and with one swing from his sword, he decapitates the Warlord and ends his reign of terror.  Finally, when the title track comes up, I can imagine a guard, keeping watch, early in the morning.  He gets up and pours himself a bowl of soup.  When he gets back to his post, he sees something coming towards the gate.  We see his bowl drop to the ground as he runs to the other guards and tells them to open the gate.  When they open the gate, we see the young hero return home.  Carrying the severed head of the Warlord, he has now proven that he's a warrior.  The whole village are rejoiced and give him a great homecoming.  He is greeted by his mother and siblings.  He sees his dad from across, so he walks towards him.  They stare at each other for a second, til his father gives him a big hug.  Of course he is now proud that his little boy is now a great warrior.  And now the warrior can relax and enjoy being around his loved ones, til he goes on to his next adventure.
Now to just let you know, that's not what the album is about.  But when hearing the instruments, that's what I'm seeing in my head.  I'm pretty sure that the guys in B!TM wrote up something more epic than what I just typed up above.  "Void of the Architect" is definitely their best and most epic album.  Both Jordan Nalley and Jason Casanova did a great job making this album heavy and intense.  As many reviewers have already mentioned, for Matt Price and Chase Manhattan to keep Behold! The Monolith going, after the death of vocalist/bassist Kevin McDade, is really encouraging.  In some ways, I like to think that "Void of the Architect" is the bands "Back To Black".  It's really great that B!TM was able to put out a kick arse record, that I know McDade will be very proud of.  Behold! The Monolith are a great addition to the heavy metal scene.  Their mix of Stoner/Doom with Sludge and Post-Metal is something that sets B!TM apart from other LA bands.  And of course Price's guitar playing is just awesome.  Just listen to "Philosopher's Blade" and "Lord of Bones".  If you're a fan of  High On Fire and their intensity, then you're really gonna be a fan of Behold! The Monolith.  This is a band to listen if you want some hard pounding heavy metal  Glad to see Behold! The Monolith still riding strong.  RIP, Kevin McDade.  Hope all is great in the afterlife.

You can purchase "Architect of the Void" at

"Architect of the Void" gets a rating of "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

Friday, September 25, 2015

Santa Ana Noise Fest VII promo video

Earlier today, I made a promo video for the Santa Ana Noise Fest VII, at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.  If you live or know someone who live in the area, and is a fan of experimental music, please share this video

For more info, please visit


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A sneek peek at Santa Ana Noise Fest VII (SANF7)


117 N. Sycamore St.
Santa Ana, Ca 92701
Tel: 714-667-1517

(Poster design by Stephan Anderson)

On 11-21-15, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts (OCCCA) will be hosting the 7th Annual Santa Ana Noise Fest (SANF7).  This festival will feature 14 bands/artist from the experimental sub-genres, including: Noise, Ambient,  Minimalist, Drone, Electronic, etc.  The show is $10.00, unless you RSVP here:, then it's free.  If you plan to go, please share the event page ( and spread the word.

And now here are performers who'll be playing this year's Santa Ana Noise Fest:
(If you enjoyed some of the music, then hopefully you'll check out their bandcamp/soundcloud page and come to the SANF7 show)

(Performing at 5:00pm)

(Performing at 5:20pm)

(Performing at 5:40pm)

(Performing at 6:20pm)

Non Available.  Sound/Image coming soon

(Performing at 6:40pm)

(Performing at 7:00pm)

Non Available.  Sound/Image Coming Soon

(Performing at 7:40pm)

(Performing at 8:00pm)

(Performing at 8:20pm)


(Performing at 9:00pm)


Phog Masheeen
(Performing at 9:20pm)


(Performing at 9:40pm)

(Performing at 10:00pm)

(Performing at 10:20)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Revenge is Her Middle Name (2011/2015)

Making you're first film can be a fun experience.  And it can also be a very scary one, too.  For some, a first feature just doesn't give a director a film under his belt.  But also gives them some experience in film making.  For others, it can be something to cross off their list.  With Anthony Matthews, he wanted to make a sleazy grindhouse film in the vain of 70's exploitation.  With the help of ToeTag's Jerami Cruise and other friends (including fellow members of the underground horror community), Matthews was able to bring his raw and bleak throwback film to the new millennium. It took a few years to be available on DVD, but the wait was worth it.
The movie is about Kat.  A junkie-prostitute who's a massive cunt.  Her friend, Marilynn, tries to help her out.  But Kat just becomes too difficult for Marilynn.  Kat's boyfriend, Dolph, is a junkie fuck that Kat is trying to have a baby with.  Weeks later, Kat finally got what she wanted, and now has to figure out how she'll take care of a baby.  So she tries to convince Dolph to rob her pimp, Mutton Chop.  Dolph didn't want to go along, because Mutton Chop is a crazy motherfucker.  But then Kat threatens him to kick him out to the street and sue him for child support.  So Dolph finally agrees to take part.  The plan is for Kat to get Mutton Chop off guard.  Then Dolph (while wearing a mask) will try to rip off Mutton Chop.  Things will turn to worse when Mutton Chop recognizes Dolph.  Dolph threatens Mutton Chop to give him all his money and drugs.  Mutton Chop would stand his ground and gets a beating, shot, and left for dead.  Kat and Dolph run back home and begin to celebrate.  Dolph would then start doing coke and dozes off.  Kat would then grab a pillow and smother Dolph and takes off with the cash.  8 month later, we see Kat already showing the belly, and living a new life.  Sadly things start to turn around when she sees that Mutton Chop is still alive, and has a bloodied Dolph with him.  To get back at her for stealing his money, Mutton Chop has his crew gang rape Kat.  And to make things worse, Mutton Chop cuts Dolph's throat in front of her, and spills his blood on Kat.  Then takes a piss on Kat's beaten and violated body.  We later see her wake up in a hospital and is being interviewed by two detectives.  They try to get her to tell them who her attackers were.  But Kat tells them that she doesn't know because they wore a "mask".  When Kat leaves the hospital, she tries to get her life back together.  She goes to the bar and meets a guy there.  They go back to Kat's place and have some drinks.  The guy would later force himself onto her.  Kat would start having flashbacks of getting raped and then stabs the guy.  She would then dismembers the guy and puts his limbs in plastic bags.  Later, Kat would get a visit from the detective who was working her case. This time, he's there for a missing person case.  The detective ask her about the guy she met at the bar.  She tells him that she doesn't know what happened to him, but the detective gets suspicious.  Kat then starts bringing random guys to her home and holds them captive, where she humiliates, tortures, and then murders them.  Soon, she begins to get revenge from Mutton Chop.  First she goes after his crew, trying to get info on Mutton Chop's whereabouts.  When Kat finally gets her hands on him, Mutton Chop finds out the he fucked with the wrong crazy bitch.
As much as I enjoyed this flick, I have to agree with Mr. Parka's video review about how all the characters are dislikeable.  It was hard to get behind Kat because she was a horrible human being.  It was terrible what would happen to her.  Especially since it looked like she had her life turned around.  But it seemed that karma came to bite her in the arse (or worse).  When you see that Jerami Cruise is involved, you think that the flick would be a gore fest.  There is plenty of blood, but Matthews wants to give a 70's/early 80's feel.  And if you look back at those films, there wasn't much guts and limbs flying around.  This is a movie to make you feel dirty.  And that's the vibe I get when watching Revenge Is Her Middle Name.  As nasty as her character is, Lissa Brennan does a good job with playing the hooker-turned-killer, Kat.  It was nice seeing Michael Schneider, who most underground horror fans know him as Maggot, from August Underground: Mordum.  But the one who I really enjoyed was Douglas Bell as Mutton Chop, who you would have thought that Anthony hopped on a time machine and knicked himself a blaxploitation character to be in his film.  And of course the lovely Paula Bellin as Marilynn, who doesn't seem to be the caring person we thought she was.  The soundtrack is also great.  The sleazy 70's music adds a nice throwback touch.  And of course the themes song in the end sounds like something you'll hear in the Sunset strip, during the 80's.  Some of the outside shots looked really nice.  But the shot I enjoyed was the "glory hole" scene.  The DVD includes commentary, a interview with Matthews talking about the making of the film, and a short film that was suppose to be a segment for The Murder Collection Vol. 1.  In which Revenge Is Her Middle Name would be born from.  This is definitely not your typical Rape/Revenge film.  What Anthony Matthews brings us is a nasty, dark, and dirty World of the lowest people on Earth.  This may not be for anyone, but if you're familiar with the genre, then you might dig it.

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