Friday, May 16, 2014

Big Bad Wolves (2013)

When you got a thriller like "Big Bad Wolves"; coming from Israel, you're gonna have a lot of people talking.  Most likely because you really don't hear too much horror/thriller movies coming from the Holy Land.  Of course you've seen the blurb from Quentin Tarantino on the movie poster.  But don't let that be your deciding factor.  If you've seen Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado first film "Kalevet"; also known as "Rabies" in the US, then you'll enjoy their second feature.

The movie begins with three detectives taking a man; who is accused of murdering a young girl.  They interrogate the accused by giving him a beating.  They get a call from the chief who tells them to stop because there wasn't any evidence.  Later the chief gets a anonymous call from someone who found the body of the missing girl. When they find the body, her father shows up.  This event makes the father to take things in his own hands.  Later, the detective who was in charge of the case was let go when a video surfaced on youtube, where the detectives were roughing up the man they brought in for interrogation.  Still believing that the man is the suspect, he follows the suspect and takes him to the woods and tries to get him to admit for the murder.  The father shows up and hits the detective with a shovel.  The accused man was grateful, but didn't know that the father wanted him for himself.  The father takes the detective and the suspect to a house far away from the city.  In there, he tortures the suspect to get him talking.  The suspect claims that he didn't do anything.  The father continues torturing him.  Because the suspect is taking a lot of pain, we start to think that maybe he wasn't the killer.  Or maybe he can handle a lot of pain.

I really enjoyed Big Bad Wolves.  The acting was great.  There was some dark humor which made this flick enjoyable.  And even though the torture scenes weren't gory, they sure were brutal.  The ending was really sad, but don't let that steer you away.  If you enjoy revenge flicks, then check out Big Bad Wolves.

Kantation - Discovery (2013)

During my late teens/early 20's, I use to read this awesome magazine from Canada called Brave Word & Bloody Knuckles (BW&BK).  In every issue, they have a promo cd featuring new music from new and established bands.  When I was a wee little lad, I was introduced to bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saxon.  So when I started listening to Power Metal, it was nice to see that traditional sound was still going in Europe.  Sadly, I didn't get really into the scene since I was more interested in death metal/grindcore; and later sludge/post-metal.

Kantation is a band started by Martin Debourge; who I met through myspace, and features guitarist Nano Lugo (the main man who got Kantation going).  Also in guitar is Jeremy Jimison (Head Transfer Process), Brian Khairullah handling the low end, and Vinny Galore beating the skins.  Together, they made a really killer Power Metal album that I can headbang and sing along to.

Discovery opens with "The Maze".  Great riffs and a enjoyable chorus.  I can see why this song is being made into a music video; be sure to check it out soon.  Another song I really enjoyed was "Distant Eyes".  Love the first lyrics; "Wake up and See.  You won't believe.  A tale of our demise"  And "Ride" is great way to end "Discovery".

Martin DeBourge, you never disappoint, you cheeky bastard.  And to Mr. Lugo, you really got a awesome Power Metal band that I can get behind.  And with Khairullah, Jimison, and Galore, they made Discovery a enjoyable experience.  Looking forward to their next release.  Proud to give this album "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

For more info on Kantation, follow these links:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kyng - "Burn The Serum" (2014)

Finally, Kyng has put out their 2nd full-length, "Burn The Serum" (Razor & Tie Records).  Ever since "Trampled Sun", I've been waiting for Kyng to put out some new material.  And with "Burn The Serum", things have gotten even better.  They sound better.  There's some new elements into the mix.  This album did not disappoint.

The opening track ("Burn The Serum") is a favorite.  Love how it has that classic rock sound with a bit of 90's alternative.  And then it transcends into a much heavier sound.  On "Lost One", I don't remember Eddie and Tony playing anything like that.  It sure had a lot of energy.  It's great to something like that from Kyng.  "Electric Halo" had a ZZ Top feel, mixed with Judas Priest's "You have Another Thing Coming"  It's very throwback.  A song I was happy to see was "In the Land of Pigs".  If you remember in their old myspace page, their headline says "in the land of pigs, the butcher is Kyng".  But of course it was a awesome track.  And what's that, that I hear on "Big Ugly Me"?  Why it's a synth choir.  DUDE!!!!!  That is awesome.  Hope they decide to use a hammond organ on the next album.

Glad to see that Kyng didn't suffer the "sophomore jinx".  Their fan base is getting huge.  They got a good label behind them.  And coming soon, Kyng are gonna put out their first muisc video.  So be sure to catch Kyng when they're at a town near you.

"Burn The Serum" Gets "5 Hitlers punched in the Face".