Saturday, January 24, 2015


*NOTE - I apologize if the pictures didn't turn out right.  I didn't want to spend the entire show taking a bunch of pictures.   Just wanted to kick back and enjoy the bands that night. 

Last night I attended the Post-NAMM show at Malones in Santa Ana.  Headlined by Ruthless and Kantation.  Of course this was also suppose to be Kantation's CD release party, but because of the delay of the new album, "Nephilim", the boys from Kantation decided to put out a Limited Edition Sampler, which included the Saxon cover, "Power and the Glory".

I left around 6:15, hoping that I'll make it there on time.  But had to drive back home to get directions to Malones.  Of course when I got into the 60 FWY, it was pretty pack.  And then of course I got off the wrong off-ramp in the 55, so I missed out on the opening band, Sentenced To Burn.  From what Martin DeBourge said, these guys were old school Thrash.  Really bummed out I didn't catch them.

When I got to Malones, Sinicle were already playing.  Pretty cool metal band that can genre shift.  That right there impressed me.  I really admire a band that can turn things left field.  I was able to pick up there CD, "Still In Mind".  Should listen to it later on and maybe do a review.

These guys got things really rolling for me.  From Covina, CA, Black Vulture Conspiracy play the straight out, aggressive metal that I enjoyed in the 90's.  I remember hearing there songs on Reverbnation, but I didn't think much of it.  Mainly because I was interested in looking for experimental bands at that time.  Then they appeared on Martin DeBourge's "Throwback Metal Show" on  Really enjoyed their interview, but wasn't sure if I was sold.  That was until last night when I saw them live.  And holy shit, these blokes sounded WAY awesome live.  Actually listening back to the songs on their Reverbnation does sound really awesome.  But they really have won me over and really looking forward to the next gig.

Another band that brings me back to the 90's.  When listening to Crost, you do get a vibe that these guys were into Pantera.  But I also hear influences from old school Metal bands.  This was a cool set.  And it was cool seeing another band that was on the "Throwback Metal Show".

Just like with Black Vulture Conspiracy, Ninth Circle have also won me over with there set.  Of course their sound is more straight forward metal, but they actually sing than growl.  I guess that's why I ended up enjoyed them.  I was able to pick up both of there CDs at the show.  The merch girl who sold them to me said I can get them autographed by the guy in the band.  But I was a bit tired from recording my podcast earlier that day.  That and I do tend to get very shy.  But I really do like these chaps.  Hope to catch another show.

(w/ Becky from Voidcrush)

It's always great to see Martin again.  For the second time, I got to see Kantation kick arse again.  And like always, these blokes from the high desert slaughtered.  It was a very Metal set.  Later in the show, Kantation will be joined by special guest.  First up was Becky from the band Voidcrush.  Hearing her voice live was quite the experience.  Then they were joined by Deke from Mindcage to end the show with the Saxon's "Power & The Glory".  Of course the Saxon cover fuck'n slayed.  And the only way you would get the song is from the sampler that was available at the show.

And to end the show was Santa Ana's (or Glendora, according to their FB page) very own, Ruthless.  It's sad to say that I never heard these guys before.  Of course they were brought to my attention by Martin DeBourge, when he had them on last year's Throwback Metal Fest.  But if you grew up in the local LA/OC Metal scene in the 80's, then you would be very familiar.  For sure they put on a great Metal set.  Seeing Ruthless live reminded me why enjoyed traditional Metal.  The crowd was really into them.  And it was awesome to see their fan base coming out and support.  I really enjoyed banging my head to their songs.

I really would like to check out another show at Malones.  The set up was really cool.  They had two stages in that venues.  Which makes it very convenient for bands to set up and not have to wait for the other bands to finish their set.  I rate this show "5 Hitlers Punched In The Face".  Too bad Hitler wasn't in that show, so I can punch him.  Because this show was fuck'n METAL! 

Kudos to Eddie of The House of Metal for putting on a great Metal show.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lock Your Doors Podcast- Episode 3: Let's Stroll Around Park City........... AT MIDNIGHT!!!!!!

The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah is almost here.  I take a look at some of the movies that are playing the "Park City At Midnight" showcase.  I read the synopsis and hope to give a little preview of the movies.  Hope you guys will enjoy.

Code 415 Podcast: 1/23/15

NAMM show this week, so there's nothing much going on.  I'll be attending the Kantation post-NAMM show at Malone's in Santa Ana, Ca.  Hope you guys will enjoy today's playlist.


PxBxS - "Closing In"

Sunn O))) - "It Took The Night To Believe

Chelsea Wolfe - "Pale On Pale"

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lock Your Doors Podcast - Episode 2: Puberty and Extinction

On today's episode, we talk about the 2000 werewolf/coming-of-age movie, Ginger Snaps.  Also 2009's Daybreaker with Ethan Hawke and Williem Dafoe.  And music by The Texas Tombstone and Wooden Stake.  Please enjoy.

Band Update: Lights and the Windows Almost Ready With Debut S/T E.P.

(L-R: Stefan, Brent, Alberto, Devin)

This past Friday, I had a chat with guitarist/band founder, Devin Stannard, while picking up my new Lights and the Window T-shirt (pictured below).  We had a good conversation and talked about the band, how LA's KROQ should be called KPOP, and I was introduced to Cloudkicker.  Sadly I didn't have a recorder to document the conversation, so I'm gonna try my best to recount what we talked about.

If you follow Lights and the Window on Facebook or Instagram, you'll noticed that they debuted a new song called "Burning Heart", at the Bull Bar in Long Beach (if you haven't heard it, click on the video below).  But from what Devin told me, Stefan (vocalist/guitarist) is planning to change the song title.


The E.P. is going to be self-titled and will feature 7 songs.  Also, LATW's first single, "New Day Sun" will be re-recorded.  And with the way things are going, Stannard is feeling really good about the band.  Especially since they got a new line-up.  It was a huge bummer hearing that there was problems within the ranks.  But with the new rhythm section of Alberto (drums) and Brent (bass), it seems that the bs has been thrown out, and the band can focus more on their new sound, which I hope it catches the attention of every rock and music fan.

As cliche as it might sound, especially coming from a 31 yr old, a lot of younger bands seem to focus more on having a generic sound.  And this would motivate Devin to start a new revolution with Lights and the Windows.  Hoping to make guitar drench reverb and feedback acceptable to your average music fan.  One of the problems that Devin has with bands today, is that they take a generic approach when creating their music.  He also doesn't like how bands today use pro tools as some kind of crutch, to make their sound more acceptable.  And that a lot of younger bands should really music the way they want it, and bring out that raw energy.

But the best part from what Devin told me is that the band is going to release the E.P. on vinyl.  So if anyone is a fan of this format, keep an eye out for it.  And of course the vinyl will be put out by Devin's uncle.  Devin and Brent (I think) are going to handle the engineering and mixing.  And once they finish with that, they'll give it to a "unbiased ear" to do the mastering.

If you haven't already, give Lights and the Windows a like at  Of course you'll get updates on the E.P., find out about shows, and pretty soon, get some merch.  2015 is going to be Lights and the Windows year.  So don't be a chone and miss out on LATW making a impact in the LA/OC scene (and soon, around the World).  And with LA's rock station, KROQ (which Devin's fiance calls it KPOP) playing mostly hipster folk and electro pop, I really hope that Lights and the Windows shows everyone that their are still really great rock band out there.  We just have to make a real effort to do so.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Muscle and Marrow - "The Human Cry" (2014)

While going through my facebook timeline, I noticed that BillyGoat from Doomed & Stoned posted a link to a band called Muscle and Marrow.  I believe he described it as   "Like Hydra Head employed Rose Kemp to write for Chelsea Wolfe.  The results are rather wonderful."  Of course being a fan of Chelsea Wolfe and bands from Portland, Oregon, I clicked on the link and was just amazed.  It was very dark and moody and just a good atmosphere surrounding it..  This was something that I can get behind, so I purchased the vinyl at their bandcamp page.

"Surround The Fire" is probably my favorite track.  I believe this song describes what Muscle and Marrow are all about.  And if you heard my "Top 5 Song of 2014" in my podcast, then you know why this song was #1.  "Childhood" is one heavy tune.  And after hearing "Spirit", I just had to push that play button again.

Now a lot of people have compared Kira Clark to Chelsea Wolfe.  But I have to admit that I hear more PJ Harvey in her voice.  Then again, I have to say that Kira does have a sound of her own.  And with McGraw's skin pounding, these two make Muscle and Marrow the unique band that they are.  If you're looking for something new, then I highly recommend grabbing "The Human Cry".  It's definitely a great experience.  This crushing album deserves a good "5 Hitler Punched in the Face" rating.  Not sure if the vinyl are still available, but you can download the album at

Code 415 Podcast: 1-15-15

Today's episode, I'll be playing some KyngToday Is The Day, and Cough.  I also got some news about C.O.C, the Jarboe + Helen Money collaboration, and Kantation.  And a rant about people asking me about Black Sabbath.  So hope you'll enjoy the show.


Kyng - "Big Ugly Me"

To purchase Burn The Serum

Today Is The Day - "Masada"

To purchase Animal Mother

Cough - "A Year In Suffering"

To Purchase Ritual Abuse

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lock Your Doors Podcast - Episode 1: The Beginning

On today's episode, I try to tell the difference between Bob Clark's "Deathdream" and Fred Vogel's "Sella Turcica".  I'll also talk about Kevin Smith's new horror film, "Tusk" (you can also read my review HERE).  The Cucuy has this week's horror dvd releases.  And music by The Creepshow and Mad Marionette.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Code 415 Podcast: 1/8/15

Happy New Year, everyone.  Let's kick off this 2015 with some new Hellbeard.  Also on the show, I talk about this year's Coachella line-up.  And I don't like people who say "I like all types of music".  So hopefully you guys will enjoy tonight's show.


Hellbeard - "Maiden of Mercy" (Dark/Light)

Shyy - "The White Sheet Faces the Dark Light" (The World Comes To An End In The End Of A Journey)

Apocalyptica - Path Vol. 2 feat. Sandra Nasic (Cult)