Friday, February 27, 2015

Ninth Circle - The Power of One (2008)

I like to think that once you hear the first few seconds of "Frontman", you pretty much know you're in for one hell of a ride.  What Ninth Circle bring to the table is a 80's metal sound for the 00's.  Imagine if early Iron Maiden and Journey made love, this is what would come out of the womb.   Three blokes from the LA area, with great musicianship and song writing.

When I saw Ninth Circle play in Pomona last month, they really blew me away with a kick arse live show.  So I bought their first two albums, and I like to think that "The Power of One" is a great way to introduce this band.  This album has a lot of songs that you can bang your head, and sing-a-long to in your car.  Once you get past the title track and "The Journey", you're pretty much hooked on this album forever.  "Our Last Days" has a pretty good guitar chug for anyone who's a fan of that.  The beginning of "Hour 21" has a Maiden feel, which I'm always a sucker for.  And speaking of Maiden, Ninth Circle does a cover of "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden.  How can you not love this album.

I have to thank Kantation's Martin DeBourge for bringing attention to these guys.  Their hooks are really great and do grab your attention.  Dennis' melodic vocals is perfect and doesn't sound like generic pop (i.e. Periphery, Monuments, TesseracT).  His guitar playing is also great.  And of course the rhythm section of Frank and Dave really back Dennis up.  These three really make Ninth Circle the well-oiled machine that it is.  When finding new bands, I always try to look for the ones who are pushing their sound forward.  But Ninth Circle has such a nostalgic sound that I really couldn't avoid them.  If you're one of many people who say that today's music sucks, then look up these guys.  I'm sure you'll dig these guys if your a old school fan or not.  "The Power of One" gets "5 Hitlers Punched In The Face"

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Girlflesh - "Almost Human" (2015)

I swear it seemed like it was yesterday, when "Nudes" came out.  An album that has been getting a lot of great feedback.  And of course brought attention to the one-lass juggernaut known as Girlflesh.  In January, Girlflesh's Roxxi Wallace released her 2nd full-length, "Almost Human".  Of course this was released on her birthday (Jan. 27), and it's pretty sweet that Ms. Wallace celebrated her birthday by sharing her art.

The first track, "I Want To Believe", starts off with Wallace singing through a reverb effect.  To me, those few first seconds does have a loneliness feel to it, before the beats start kicking in.  "Sad Birthday" is a song I wish I would hear on the radio.  The chorus is really catchy and does stick to me.  "I'm a Whore For the Fourth Reich" is definitely step forward to the Girlflesh sound.  A song that I know will be accepted at goth/industrial bars in L.A.  And I have to say I enjoy the Nazi-xploitaton- esque song title.  I wouldn't mind hearing more of this on the next Girlflesh album.

From the lyrics to the music, "Almost Human" does have a darker vibe than "Nudes".  Which is what I really wanted Girlflesh to go for, since there's more places to explore on that side.  And according to Girlflesh's bandcamp page, "Almost Human" is a "conceptual album telling a story of confusion, isolation and existential dread", which is a good way to describe this album.  Especially when hearing "I Want To Believe". That's a perfect track to start off this album.  For sure, Roxxi's production skills have improved.  And only 21 yrs old, the young Aussie still has plenty of time to grow even bigger.  But right now, I really enjoy where Roxxie is taking Girlflesh.  And I wonder, by looking at the first two album covers, if on the third album, will the torso be fully clothed.  Sort of a closure to this era of Girlflesh.  But anyways, if you enjoyed "Nudes", then you're really gonna enjoy "Almost Human".  Roxxie Wallace earns herself another "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

You can purchase "Almost Human" at the link below:

Highly recommended if you're into dark electronic music.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Lovely Bad Things - "The Late Great Whatever" (2013)

Being in my 30's, it's always awesome when I put on a record from a young band, and it makes me feel 16 again.  I'm pretty sure that's what many people have said about The Lovely Bad Things.  This is a band that I found while browsing through Reverbnation.  Just a couple of month ago, I finally purchase some of their vinyl.  As much as I enjoyed the "New Ghost/Old Wave" ep, it's their first full length, "The Late Great Whatever...",  that I really enjoy.

"Hear or Anywhere" does get things going.  Hearing Laura's voice does take me to a happy place.  And "Fried Eyes" is a great follow-up.  I believe Camron does vocals along with Laura on this track.  "North Bend" has that 80's No Wave sound, which make me love this band even more.  I really admire the band's raw energy.  The whole garage rock production makes The Lovely Bad Things' sound feel so real.  Where other bands focus on a more on a more slick and polished production.  Not that it's a bad thing, but a lot of bands should really focus on making their songs have a heart.

"The Late Great Whatever..." is definitely a step up from "New Ghost/Old Wave".  For sure they found there own sound.  I like to think that if I hear a Lovely Bad Things tune, I know it's a Lovely Bad Things tune.  When Cam and Laura do vocals, they really stand out.  And I hope they continue that with the next record.  Of course I have to give props to the rhythm section.  I have to say that Brayden can pound those skins.  The guitar tone is just perfect, but I really love the song writing.  It makes me want to bounce on my bed while listening to this album on my headphones.  So if you want to feel young again, give "The Late Great Whatever..." a spin.  You'll totally become a fan of The Lovely Bad Things.  I rate this album"5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".  "Randall the Savage" alone makes me want to punch Hitler.

To purchase "The Late Great Whatever..."

Friday, February 6, 2015

Code415 "Birthday" Podcast: 2/6/15

Thanks for joining in on this special birthday episode.  On this episode I'm gonna play 6 tracks.  So hope you guys will enjoy.  This is also the last episode before I take a break.  The podcast should be back in early March.  So take care everyone.


Hypocrisy - "Rosswell 47"

Vivian Girls - "When I'm Gone"

Faith No More - "Malpractice"

Napalm Death - "In Deference"

Death In June - "Heaven Street"

Anaal Nathrakh - "Blood Eagles Carved on the Back of Innocents"

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lock Your Doors Podcast - Episode 4: Jukebox Spooks Vol. 1

Today is a special episode.  Planning on taking a break, so I'll leave you guys with some music by Necro Cult, Current 93, Hypocrisy, Akem Manah, and Graveyard Henchmen.  Hope you guys enjoy.

1. Necro Cult - "Glorification of Pure Evil"

2. Current 93 - "Lucifer Over London"

3. Hypocrisy - "Compulsive Psychosis"

4. Akem Manah - "Apocalypse"

5. Graveyard Henchmen - "Night of the Werewolf"