Monday, September 29, 2014

Hellbeard - "DARK/LIGHT E.P." (2014)

Hellbeard are back.  And what a fuck'n e.p. they put out.  Ever since I heard "Black Snail" on youtube, I've been waiting on some new Hellbeard.  Their first album, "Scarecrow" was a solid album.  And with Dark/Light, they take their sound to a whole other level.

Dark/Light features 3 track, which are the best and heaviest songs that Hellbeard have played.  Once the first track, "Maiden of Mercy", starts to play, you knew that this is going to be a totally different Hellbeard.  The one thing that I like about this song is during the middle, they play a really nice doom riff, which then goes to something more ambient.  "Light" is probably my favorite.  When I hear this song, there's a "Time & Grace" feel to it.  And of course I loved those tribal-esque drum beats during the end of the track.  And then we have "River's End" to finish up.  Has a nice 90's hardcore metal riff and then a sweet guitar solo.

The production was well done.  The vocals have gotten very intense from the last album.  Great guitar work and of course the rhythm section sound great.  I would have loved to hear a studio version of "Black Snail",  But after hearing the new e.p., I really don't know how it will fit.  For sure this is a whole new Hellbeard.  And this new Hellbeard makes me want to punch Hitler even harder.  A awesome e.p. if you enjoy post-metal, sludge, and doom.

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Girlflesh - "Nudes" (2014)

When I heard the name Girlflesh, the first thing that comes to mind is a female version of Godflesh.  Sort of how Gallhammer are seen as a a female version of Hellhammer.  Even though Girlflesh have a electronic sound, Girlflesh is nothing like Godflesh.  

Roxxie Wallace is the mastermind behind Girlflesh.  And I have to say that this Aussie sure knows how to create some killer beats.  Everything that I love about experimental/electronics are on her album, "Nudes".  From trip hop to dark ambient, "Nudes" is quite the musical experience.

Another thing I like about "Nudes" are the song titles.  "Bass-Moi" sounds like a play-on-word of the French film "Baise-Moi".  And Lilya 4-Ever comes to mind when I saw the song,"Ennui 4EVA".  But "Gore Habit" is the most creative song title I've ever heard.  And probably my favorite.

It's nice to see another musical artist from Australia, since I really don't hear many bands from Australia.  Or at least introduced to any Australian bands.  Only a few.  I know back when Roadrunner had that SignMeTo page, there were some cool Australian bands there.  But lost contact from them when the site was shutdown.  Anyhoo, if you enjoy some electronics, then "Nudes" by Girlflesh might be the album for you.  These sick beats gets "5 Hitlers Punched in the Face".

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tusk (2014)

Kevin Smith, who most people have known him as the "Clerks Guy" or "Silent Bob", has finally made his second horror film, Tusk.  If you ever hear his podcast that he does with his friend/producer, Scott Mosier, then you've probably heard the story he told about a ad he read on a website called Gumtree.  In the ad, someone was looking for a lodger to live with him.  The rent is free, but the lodger has to dress up as a walrus for two hours a day.  And on that episode of Smodcast, Kevin and Scott started pitching the idea of a walrus movie.  Even though Kevin had already finish the script for Clerks III, he was willing to hold it so he can do a walrus movie.  He asked his fans to go on Twitter and hashtag walrus yes, if his fans wanted him to make the movie, or hashtag walrus no, if they don't.  The people have spoken and said "#WalrusYes".  Therefore, Kevin Smith made his walrus movie called Tusk.  And it was pretty fucked up.

The movie is about a bloke name Wallace Bryton (Justin Long), who does a podcast with his friend, Teddy Craft (Haley Joel Osment), called "The Not-See Party".  In this podcast, Wallace goes around to interview people who are strange and/or interesting, then comes back and tell Teddy all about it.  In one of the episodes, they find a video on youtube, where a dude cuts his leg off with a sword.  The guys, who is referred to as "The Kill Bill Kid" reaches out to Wallace to do a interview.  So Wallace plans a trip to Canada and visit the Kill Bill Kid.  Wallace's girlfriend, Ally (Genesis Rodriguez), is against it because she doesn't want him to ridicule the poor guy.
So Wallace arrives to Winnipeg and goes to the house where the Kill Bill Kid lives.  Sadly, Wallace finds out that the kid died.  He goes to a bar and calls Teddy to tell him all about it.  And since Wallace needs something for the show, he plans to stay for a while and hopes to find someone who's a bit out there.  When he goes to drain the lizard, he sees a ad in the bathroom wall, about a guy named Howard Howe (Michael Parks) looking for a lodger, pretty much similar to the Gumtree ad.  So Wallace goes out to find Howard Howe, and do an interview with him for the podcast.  When Wallace goes to Howe's place, he finds him in a wheelchair, all alone and very harmless.  Like your typical old man.  Howard goes on to tell Wallace the story about how he was saved by a walrus  As Howard continues to tell the story, Wallace passes out and we find out that his tea was drugged.  When he wakes up, he finds himself in a wheelchair.  Howe tells him that he was bitten by a spider.  But Wallace knew he was bullshitting him.  In the dinner scene, Howard tells Wallace his plan to turn him into a walrus.  While trying to get some sleep, Wallace hears his phone.  He tries to look for it, and when he does, he sees it's Ally trying to call him.  He tries to call her back, but ends up leaving a voice mail.  Sadly, Mr. Howe catches him and knocks him out.
Back home, Ally and Teddy haven't heard from Wallace for a long time.  One morning, Ally went to check her voicemail and heard Wallace's message.  She tells Teddy about it and they go to Canada to look for Wallace.  They visit Detective Frank Garmin (Ralph Garman), and have him listen to the voicemail.  The detective wasn't sure what to make of it, but he referred Ally and Teddy to a investigator name Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp).  LaPointe tells Ally and Teddy about a case two years prior and that the person who captured Wallace, may be the person that LePointe is after.
As Guy, Teddy, and Ally go and search for Wallace, we see the transformation and it looks really fucked up. Maybe silly and goofy, too, but it still looks fucked up.  And seeing Howe training Wallace to be a walrus is pretty disturbing.  And just seeing Wallace in that suit is very depressing.  Because now we know there's no coming back.  And when I saw the fight seen, it looks pretty funny, but felt so wrong.  And hearing Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" playing in the background, made it a bit darker.  Of course Ally and Teddy find Wallace, and I don't need to go any further.

If you're a fan of Smodcast, then you'll enjoy the references, which you've probably heard in the podcast.  They mention the brown recluse spider.  Red, White, but never Blue.  The Gimli Slider.  And if you listen to Hollywood Babble-On, Wallace has the "Hollywood Helpers" theme song as a ringtone.  
I also enjoyed Michael Parks performance in Tusk.  And to me, Howard Howe seems more mental than Abin Cooper from Red State.  There's a scene with Parks and Depp which I found to be hilarious.  And also made me a fan of the Guy LaPointe character.
So if you found the trailer to be interesting, then go check it out.  Of course don't take it too seriously.  It's about a man turning another man into a walrus.  It's suppose to be silly.  Really glad Kevin Smith made this, because I don't know if anyone else will.  And if you enjoyed this, then also check out "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and "Sssssss".  Both are crazy films.


p.s.  If you enjoyed Guy Lapointe, there's a little extra after the credits.